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Reality Check

Welcome to 2021 guys!  

And congratulations that you all survived..! 




We all have faced a lot of problem during the pandemic of COVID-19. Many of us lost the person or lost the touch with them. But there are many more from whom we are still connected. 

What do you all think made us connected so far? Was communicating to each other easy or some technologies made it easier? 

Let us discuss about the same! 




Effective communication has always played an eminent role and worked as a catalyst for all of us to reach the zenith of happiness, success, satisfaction and fulfillment of our personal as well as profess relationships. However with the outbreak of the most unexpected Covid 19 pandemic, not only social distancing but social isolation has also come into the picture, affected all of us, keeping us away from our loved ones. And with that, the use of online communication technologies became rampant. We must remember that change is the culture of the world and none of us is now unaware of the "Survival of the fittest " theory in this era of cut throat competition. I think for the first few days all of us were busy installing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams ,Google Meet and making ourselves familiar and comfortable with listening "Am I audible" or "Is my screen visible all the time". 




None of us has ever imagined living this sort of life, being struck at a place, being locked in our own homes for months and much more. But Life doesn't stop and so didn't we, however we cannot undermine that people had faced a lot of issues; be it the Interview process, quality of delivery of lectures by teachers, students struggling with understanding concepts, zero hands on experience ,less interactive work environment among colleagues ,lack of proper communication with doctors for those who have fallen into the trap of illness, and what not. The list will not seem to end, or the reasons that nothing can ever replace face to face communication and the role of non-verbal communication can also not be ignored. Despite of all these issues, we all have emerged stronger, and better versions of ourselves. We discovered the idea of e-communication as the only option. The online communication platforms has helped people around the world to stay connected, making social distancing a little less lonely, students to continue their education and learning new skills, patients to consult their doctors and e-businesses to deliver basic needs. Several people at the same time have used the social platforms to communicate their thoughts, ideas, talents and creativity in the form of Art, Dance, music, YouTube channels to showcase either their earlier existing hobbies or some new found skills for social as well as entertainment cause.