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Urvi Shah


Role of Technology during COVID-19


One couldn’t imagine his/her life without technology, and during the pandemic its absence would make us disabled. We were able to face and pass this pandemic because of availability of technology. So, here’s how technology helped us during time of pandemic and made it easier to survive and recover from the pandemic.

1.Distance Learning

With the emergence of COVID-19, over 1.2 billion students were out of classrooms. Distance learning  was the biggest contribution of technology, earlier too there were some classes going online but now with schools and colleges closed whole education system was damaged. Here came technology providing ways to learn at home. Zoom and Google meetings now have become a daily part of our lives. Google classrooms too ensured studies don’t get affected. Social media apps like Whatsapp and Telegram too helped teachers to stay connected with students. Byjus, Vedantu and Toppr are some e-learning platforms which have benefitted the students to learn easily.


2. Work from Home

As the business activities were affected, employees and working class couldn’t continue going the work. But as show must go on, work from home was the solution that technology offered. Technology helped to make the work from home successful. Communication between the employer and employee through video conferencing made WFH effective. It helped businesses to track the work done and productivity of employees. Technology helped firms to ensure security, two authentication system, VPN system, Data Loss Prevention(DLP) system has helped to secure company’s data and prevent hackers  to enter into the system.


3.Health and Fitness


Health and Fitness apps have helped people to stay fit indoors. The live workouts and tracking of health by various softwares and application have helped people to take care of their health. It is estimated that fitness app downloads by 46%. The online fitness class helped people to strike a  balance between work and health .


 4. Contact Tracing Applications

Contact tracing apps like Aarogya Setu have assisted in tracking the COVID-19 spread. Technology has also helped in educating people about the entire situation and reminding them to take the necessary precautions. Keeping track of records and checking on quarantined person was not a difficult task with technology.


  5. Technology-Based Temperature Monitoring

Infrared and wireless thermometers have now become the most commonly used medical equipment at toll gates, entry and exit gates of offices, airports, shopping malls, hotels, railway stations, shops, hospitals, and other public places. These temperature monitoring technologies have assisted in measuring the body temperature of individuals from a distance; these temperature measuring devices have helped in contracting spread of COVID-19.

6. Vaccine

New and improved technology helped various biotech companies to find a cure to this virus and bring us back to normal. Keeping the track records of people undergoing trials and assessing the effectiveness. All work was simplified by technology available.

7. Administration

Various meetings were held online, court hearings were shifted to online mode. Technology even helped administrative authorities to keep a check on peoples’ movement through drones and other devices.

8. Leisure

It helped to fight boredom. OTT(Over The Top) Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar have helped people to pass their time during pandemic. They helped people to relax and binge watch their favorite movies from home at affordable prices.

9. Robot nurses and AI Diagnosis

 Robots are being used in hospitals in some countries to deliver food, medicine and other supplies to patients; to disinfect hospitals and other public areas; to check patients’ temperatures; and to answer common questions. Coronavirus is even being diagnosed using AI, which can read thousands of CT scans in 20 seconds with an accuracy rate of 96%.

10. Online Payments

Yes, they existed from beginning but very few proportion of used online payment mode. Now, we can see most people using e-payment and this has also helped to curb COVID-19 as physical notes could be a spreader of virus.

11. Self improvement

Technology helped people to improve themselves, whether it was e-books or self improvement apps they helped people to grow. Technology also helped people to learn time management techniques and keep a track of  personal productivity. It also helped people to combat loneliness and develop mentally.


COVID-19 has proved that technology innovations have been helping in managing the epidemic in a timely, systematic, and calm manner. A lesson learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic has been to stay prepared well in advance against any crisis at both an individual and collective level. All we need to fight an epidemic like COVID-19 is preparedness. Advancement in technology is steadily progressing; it will undoubtedly continue to grow exponentially. It’s we humans who have to adapt to changes in technology faster and continue to invest in building the technology systems for better preparedness.





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