By- Khyati Puri
Moving on the path of positivity

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Khyati Puri


Rust on letter box


One more letter sent,

But his words didn’t find any end.

With thousands of unanswered letters,

My hope was shattered.

The only thing that mattered,

Was my beloved safety letter.

My heart ached everyday,

To see no response from my bae.

Finally, after three years the wait was over,

When I saw a letter in my letter box.

The letter came with a thunderstorm.

Which destroyed my life and home.

As my husband became prisoner of war,

And no commissioned officer could help him more.

My soul was not in the position,

To see my husband’s condition.

Five years went,

Didn’t hear anything from his end.

But I didn’t lose any faith,

Because I know that one day everything will be fine by god’s grace.

My husband would be with me,

And we will spend time together under the shadow of tree.



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