By- Utkarsh
A student of Chartered Accountancy looking to explore new ventures.

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Sad Reality of this Dark World


In this dark world,

we will be the light one day, show the world

what the reality is.


The world will answer our questions,

why girls are considered weak and males


Why do we have long dark nights?

When the sun will shine,

all will be equal.


When are we going to be pure and beautiful

from our heart?

When will we start respecting the idea

before the fake beauty?


When will this wall of diversity


and all will fall the diversity but

will be united.

It’s time to learn

“United we stand, divided we fall”


Don’t divide the world on

religion and culture but

Have a full-fledged victory

of togetherness.


In this noise of distraction,

We will create a world of peace

Not piece.


We all will be equal and

Sun of happiness will shine

As bright as it could be.




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