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Schizophrenia: What Is It?


Hello Readers,

Have you ever met or been associated with people who can see and feel some things or figures that are not even really there? Sounds Creepy Right! But according to medical science, these people are called Schizophreniacs. There are many more details that we are going to know about this mental disorder through this article, so let's start the discussion about this growing type of mental illness.

First of all, let's find out what is Schizophrenia and how it is different from depression. YES, we all relate every problem associated with the brain to depression very easily but this disorder is quite different from depression.

Schizophrenia is, unfortunately, a very serious, life-taking, and complex mental disorder in which a person can see, hear or feel the presence of some bizarre things and people, it also affects the power of a schizophreniac to think and feel very badly.

So far, more than twenty million people from all over the world have been victimized by this disorder and due to the effect that schizophrenia has on physical health, people suffering from this, lose their lives two or three times earlier as compared to the common people.


  • Schizophrenia makes a person behaves strangely like speaking, laughing, or crying in oneself and it also decreases the ability of a person to concentrate.
  • A person will start to feel and value the things that are not even real.
  • A person will begin to talk or understand things in a way that is not understood by any normal person.
  • A person's body language, expressions, and other personality-related factors do not match.
  • The person will make such wrong things believable that anyone can break easily.


Unfortunately, there is no specially designed test to understand or detect Schizophrenia but doctors can detect it only by the person's symptoms and the history of their mental health.

(Also, the person suffering from schizophrenia can detect it by considering the symptoms mentioned above.)


Schizophrenia is more commonly seen in the people of teenage and adulthood. But so far, no medical cause of this disorder has been known.

Some researchers and psychologists call it a complex mixture of genetic, physical, and environmental factors, while other doctors call it the result of some shocking event that happened in the past or taking too much stress about something or someone.

But in conclusion, there is no such exact cause of Schizophrenia.

Management And Treatment:

Schizophrenia can be a lifelong condition but this complex and dangerous disorder can be treated only when it comes to the doctor as soon as possible(like a normal fever). By this statement, I mean to say that the more moments that go into schizophrenia, the more it will dominate the person mentally and physically also.

To eliminate this disorder, prescribing medicines along with the love & support of close people and the serious help of psychologists are required.

Every Schizophreniac has their own experience with this disorder and that is why they are advised to stay more and more under the supervision of specialists and they should also take the prescribed medicines on time to prevent any kind of further hallucinations.

A Serious Note To People:

Schizophreniacs need to spend more and more time with those, who love them and always want good for them so people should understand that Schizophreniacs are very sensitive, emotional, and short-tempered types of persons. Therefore do not use such words as- crazy, stupid, sick, devil, or patient of depression, etc, for those innocent Schizophreniacs, and make sure that people around you also don't do this.

It's my humble request to all of you that instead of making fun of Schizophreniacs, encourage them, talk to them and listen to them because they need it, they need it to reduce their fear of being crowded with people.


Thank You!

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