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As you all know that we are surrounded by science only and we use to take it benefits everyday. So here is the article about science only which tells you that whether the science is a blessing or a curse.

Science has provided us countless amenities and comforts. Press of a button today dispels darkness and illuminates our homes. Various appliances help us work faster and make our lives comfortable. Swift and stylish, safe and comfortable means of transport have made the entire world accessible .The automobile, the airplane and the ships have given us control over surface, air and water. The inventions in the realm of communication like the fax machine, email, internet and the mobile phones appear more fantastic than the fairy tale world. The revolutionary change sin transport and communication have indeed transformed this vast world into a small inter-dependent global village. The new technologies for mass production hold promise of bright future. People in advance countries do not feel pinch of soldiers. All their needs easily get fulfilled. The applicant of modern technologies in developing countries will also remove scarcities. Rapid industrialization will give prosperity too these countries and the people will be able to get material comforts .Applications of scientific method will increase agricultural output manifold. Starvation and malnutrition will no longer torment people. Advances in the medical field – the foolproof diagnostic systems, wonder-drugs, painless but effective surgery can increase the average life span and improve the quality of life greatly. The advent of computers and automation in every sphere of life have completely changed lives

Science has given immense power to man. He has conquered time and space to a great extent. The man has enabled him to harness natural sources for development. It has helped him to tame. The man has almost become the master of the universe. Science dominates the modern life to such an extent that the way of our thinking has completely changed. Superstitious beliefs have given way to enlightened ideas .The pace at which science is making progress is not likely to slacken in the foreseeable future. It is indeed essential for all of us to ponder over the influence of science and human life in totality. If we pause for a while and think, we realise that science is not an unmixed bag of blessings. It has given us power but has not removed our fear. Today we live under the constant shadow of fear. Today the fear of total annihilation is quite real. This beautiful world of ours can be wiped out in just a few minutes. The human race can become extinct. Science has created the atom bomb the ballistic missile and the chemical weapon. If a few leaders go berserk and decide to use these lethal weapons of mass destruction in a war, this world may come to an end. Can we forget the devastation caused by the atom bomb in the prosperous Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945? Countless number of people lost their lives. They lost their limbs or fell prey to deadly diseases .The effects of bomb can be felt even today .Fertile fields turned into vast stretches of barren land.

Science has, no doubt, given material wealth and prosperity .It ha s provided all the physical comforts but it has made us spiritually weak and poor. It has destroyed some of our precious values. It has turned most of us into selfish and self centered people. Scientific progress inevitably brings about environmental degradation.

Progress of civilization has depended upon the progress of science. Feelings of love. Compassion and universal brotherhood alone can make us use science for the good of mankind. Science will then become a great blessing.

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