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We live in the age of science there is hardly a sphere of life which is untouched by it. Science as unfolded the mysteries of our universe. it has given us enormous power over nature and our environment what was once considered possible only in the realm of fairy tales has now become a matter of common day to day experience ,. The widest dream of our ancestor, their higher flights of fancy pale into significance when compared to the wonders of science which surrounds us . Our way of life and our way of thinking depends on science today.

Science has helped us transits the barriers of time and space. The astounding inventions in the field of transport and communication have turned our world into a global village. Today, it is possible to have morning tea in Delhi, lunch in London and dinner in New York the supersonic jets can take us to any part of the world in the matter of hours. The travel is safe and comfortable today. The world has shrunk fur6ther because of amazing strides we have taken n communication, technology. Press a few buttons dial a few numbers and you can speak to your friends and relations

Thinking of electricity, It is greatest boon of science to mankind. It lights our houses, illuminates the dark night cooks our food and does all the washing. The air conditioners cools our room in hot summers and heat convectors keep us warm in winters .Our innumerable home appliances like mixers and food processors refrigerators and hot cases all run through the electricity and make our lives unbelievably comfortable. Electricity has completely revolutionized and everyday lives there is hardly anything in life which does not require the help of electricity.

 The invention of machines has greatly reduced the manual labour, spared us drudgery and has given us ample leisure. the machine has industrialized the country improve the economic condition of the people and have raised the general standard of living today mass production of all kinds of goods is possible . Goods that were regarded as item of luxury till a few years ago have become necessities of common people today.

Scientific inventions and discoveries have given a tremendous boost to our agriculture . Primitive methods have given way to advance technology . New methods of irrigation flood control, fertilizers and chemicals machines and equipments for cultivation and harvesting have indeed revolutionized agriculture all over the world . The day is not far when no human being will fall a victim of starvation and malnutrition . There is no doubt that science has brought miraculous changes in our life. It has provide us all kinds of amenities . It has enriched us materially it has changed our very outlook our vision has become broad it has developed a questioning spirit and scientific temper . We cannot imagine modern life without science

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