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Ranisha Agrawal


See Me by the Romance King Nicholas Spark


See Me

Genre- Romance

Rating - 4.5 stars

Author - Nicholas Sparks

Page count - 486

'Nicolas Sparks is one of the Undisputed Kings when it comes to tales about love.

After The tender and miraculous novel, The Notebook here is our Romance King Nicholas Sparks with his new piece of work

For a 28-year-old, career had become the first priority when past relationships proved to be destructive. The last thing he is looking for is a serious relationship. 

But what happens when life is turned upside down when he crosses paths with a girl and the stars twinkle to spread the brightest love light.

This is not an ordinary love story where two people fall in love and it is the easiest happy ending. This beautiful book is about two souls who begin to question each part of their identity, their future, their happiness, and what they are passionate about. 

Before the relationship could bloom, menacing events from the past begin to strike the surface. The Dark Shadow which kept following at every step made it difficult to stand by each other’s Side. Patience, trust, lust, affection, strength, and weaknesses everything will be pushed to the maximum breaking point. It's not a boring story because the way Nicholas Sparks novels infuse the instances of suspense will make you adore the characters even more. The first few chapters might not interest you but later on, you won't be able to resist the hooking words.

This is a must-read because your heart won't stop beating after reading this.

You would be wondering what if the ‘relatable’ factor is missing but you will be glad to know that people actually got answers to their messed up stories.

 You may find the book lengthy but the beauty of novels lies in its words, that is the way a small thing is expressed. If you waste time count in counting pages then trust me you’ll be missing a lot of it.

 I am pretty sure that you know nothing about romance and here we are where words can teach you everything.

Still not willing to read? Go listen to the audiobook then.

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