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Self Defense weapons for Girls and Women

As we all know that total number of women population in India is about 43% including girl youths. This means that population of women is decreasing very fast. There are multiple reasons for that , but the main cause is mental and physical torture. In India most of girls fear about how to bypass dangerous people starring at her. So today we are going to the most affordable, useful weapon legally available for women - girl youth safety.

(*) Secret Tazer and Stun Gun

Tazer is a device that is not easily available everywhere, but it is available on Amazon with a price of around 3000Rs , on different websites there is wide range of tazers. Tazer is an instrument that gives an hard electric to the criminal. The victim just have to touch that instrument into the criminal's skin , and after that he will become unconscious. This device looks exactly like a torch. When you go to a more high range , then company adds some more features, such as loud alert sound and torch. Stun gun is only legal for ladies. Its price remains high around 6000Rs exactly works like a Tazer. But it is also more effective than a Tazer. Tazer works on the concept of non rechargeable batteries while Stun gun need to be charged plus it works on the condenser concept.

(*) Pepper Spray

This is a weapon easily available everywhere with a starting price of 60Rs and last price is 290Rs. In India large number of people try to defend themselves from the enemies using this tool only. This spray can make any person blind for a couple of minutes. Sabre Red pepper Gel is considered the most best spray as compared to other brands because this spray can throw the output 18 foot far. It comes in a very comfortable design. Infact you can easily carry it with you vehicle key.

(*) Personal Alarm

This is device comes in the form of a key chain. But it is the most useful instrument in case you are attacked by some devils , if there are some people around you , you can make a super loud sound by clicking on the given button. This sound gives a kind of message that someone is in trouble. This keychain comes under the budget of 300Rs. It is easily available both in online and offline markets

(*) GLOCK 19 BB Gun Air Pistol

This is a weapon only given on license basis in India.This weapon comes in two categories one is Copper Bullets and another is pin ball bullets. This weapon has the ability to kill the Criminal. It is a Co2 Gun means you have to use a Pulp like cylinder to activate this gun.Women can easily claim license for this gun in India. This gun comes in a high range of 67000Rs. But this gun is a very useful gun incase your situation is very critical and you are trapped. Drawback for this gun is you have to give it back to the Police when asked. You can research more about this gun on internet.

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