By- Shivangi Singh
I write what I can't say and I don't say most of the things

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Shivangi Singh




When we love ourselves more our prospective to see the world change instantly. Self love can encourage you to pick up a good habit, to gain more positive attitude towards your life and most important it makes u know how worth your life is even without expecting any other person to love you and to admire you.

I have a question for everyone whoever is reading this blog and that question is , what defines you as a person? What makes you…you?

Lot of you can define urself to a physical image, a jobs, a bank balance etc. But it’s not an answer of my question.

The correct answer is in a question itself, what makes you…you? It’s only you who can makes you what you really are, it’s only you who can love you more than anyone in life, it’s only you who can judge you, correct you etc. So you yourself define you as a person rather than these temporary things which you use to define your life. For implementing love in your life you must love yourself first, for defining yourself to other persons you must first know your inner hidden qualities, your worth, your strength and your weaknesses.

In today’s world, we are running so fast that we don’t have time for ourselves. We are independent but are we really independent? Think…..

We are bound with our own life style , with our own loved ones i.e., family and friends. We keep ourselves so much busy in the things which are temporary in nature that we forgot our own worth and happiness. Why? Have you ever asked this question to yourself? If you can’t love yourself how you can give love to others?

Now let us talk about the misinterpreting facts of self love -

First, let us eliminate some myths about what it means to love yourself.

Its is not about being arrogant or egotistical, it is not about always putting yourself first at the expense of others, its not about comparing yourself to others to determine if you are good enough or not, it’s not always getting your way and last but not the least it’s not about always winning.

To love yourself is loving your inner /hidden qualities rather than all these external chaos. It forms the foundation of your single and most important relationship with yourself first.

To love yourself means to be in the miracle of your own existence. It is to accept yourself the way you are- The light parts and the dark, the good and the bad side of your journey. It Is all about knowing your values. It is about teaching other how good they can treat themselves by showing them how you treat yourself. Self love is your birthright and no one can snatch it away from you.

The role of self love in mental health was first described by William Sweetser (1797-1875) as the maintenance of mental health. According to American Association of Suiciodology, lack of self love increases the chance of suicide and a leaves a person into depression. AAS conducted a study in 2008 which describes the impact of low self-esteem and lack of self love leads to rise in suicide and depression level in a particular person. AAS concluded that depression, hopelessness and low self-esteem are implications of vulnerability factors for suicide indeation. Presence and absence of self love can adversely affect your life in both positive and negative ways. Presence of self love can give u a better reason to live your life rather than expecting from others and absence of the same can make u only a normal person who is living his/her life with their daily routines but not a happy person who enjoys his own company more than others. If you are not happy with yourself how u can be happy with others ? This is a serious question which everyone should ask from themselves.

In today's world we have given so much importance to other person that they are now ruling our own happiness. I am not saying not to love someone, not to give importance to someone but you are first in everything. Recognize your own worth, love yourself first before loving others. Everything is important on their own place but we should never forget important word start with 'I' first so accept yourself as you are, love your flaws and weaknesses, learn from your mistakes and Be Yourself before you give it to someone else.

Now let us talk about self love with law of attraction:-

Its plays a much more important role in your life to achieve your dreams. The law of attraction is nothing but it is about your own thoughts, feelings and actions, therefore it is also called " law of you". Law of you tells you about yourself so if you apply this law in your life you will actually prepare or influence your thoughts, action and feelings in your own way. We all developed this misconception that love means you have to love others, you have to sacrifice yourself, your dreams and wishes for others. But the truth is love means to love yourself fullest. When you love yourself you know what the real love is and you will love others with the same way and dedication you love yourself and that will be the highest order of love.

Therefore Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself, so enjoy your own company before depending on some other person to make you feel good and always be you. Remember my this most favorite line,apply it once in your life and you will see a big change :-

Eat like you love yourself.

Move like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself. Act like your love yourself. Love yourself.

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