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Self love


Accept yourself as a work in progress the continue 

to build yourself into the person you’re dreaming to be;

The person you have all the potential to be. 

Accept your flaws, accept your truths.

Accept your past

and make light of them.

No one can tear you down if 

you make peace with who you are and where you’ve 


If you are going to focus on the negative at all,

focus on turning them into positives.

Focus on growing. 

sometimes, often times, our minds are the scariest 

place to sit.

It’ll trick you into comparing yourself 

to others and it’ll trick you into believing you aren’t 

good enough.

But you always . You have always been

and you always will be.

You’re much more powerful 

when you believe in yourself.

If you don’t love 

all of you, who will? 

give yourself time to blossom. 

Cherish all of your time and be

grateful about everything.

Make it , work on it and build it .

Because in the end , all of you is what matters .

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