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Rishabh Chaturvedi


What is Sex ?


Sex is a symbol of equality,

Sex is very necessary for a Good Relationship because of its benefits, it brings good health and bonding in a good relationship, it creates more love, purity, better bonding, better understanding, trust, attraction, closeness, affection, and happiness amongst the Partners, which you call The pure souls, the Husbands and Wifes, the betterhalfs.

Sex is actually a matter beyond Physical Gratification or Intercourse it directly affects the connection between them.

Sex is very important for a Successful Relationship, there are many cases where lack of sex, leads to lack of Trust and Better Understanding which later leads to divorces and breakups, which should be avoided and this is a serious problem which should be solved at any cost through proper protocols, 

Various methods of Sex in Marriages or say Relationships are used to express something beyond love,

Sex is a way of something to express physically and emotionally, actually the Good Bonding between the two pure souls, it Increases emotional closeness between them.

Sex can be used for Celebrating any achievement, victory, special occasion, and even for thanks giving and for many other reasons such as making up after arguments.

Having sex in a marriage or relationship is also necessary to make it interesting and long living or you can say eternal or perennial, it's also important for better health and heart functioning.

sex is essential for a better relationship, but there must be some responsibility and so a Partner should take concent of a doctor before having sex in order to prevent future medical issues as some people need sex very often, frequently and some people have conditions for having sex actually sex is something to increase good points for a healthy relationship it serves as a back-pilow, strong pillar for a good relationship.

A sex without emotions and love is nothing but a phony act, a wrong act, a fraud which provides no pleasure, enjoyment to any of the partner, because without love and emotions there is no reason for sex.

The feeling of strong love, in being together with no one else is the ultimate result of sex but only in a right way.

There must be patience and some kind of responsibility while having sex as it's not only for enjoyment so people should have control over themselves and they need to discuss about sex with a open mind instead of feeling hesitation for discussing such they should share their views, thaughts and opinions regarding their need for sex with clearity and they should consult a Doctor before having sex because it not only Changes the lifestyle but the whole life so have some Responsibility before having sex so as to have a longer, happier and Lovely life.


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