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Sex Education | Review | No Spoiler


Sex Education

Genre-Comedy-drama, Sex comedy, Teen drama

Rating - 4 stars

Seasons till 2020 - 2

Episodes per season - 8

Duration of each episode - 30 min

How many of you have imagined your mom as a sex therapist? A high school student Otis Milburn has a

sex therapist mom named Jean. Through some genes while with the help of the internet he became an expert and started advising his classmates.He ran a underground sex clinic with a

highschool bossy -bitch lady Maeve Wiley.With his advising skills,he was able to earn a name in the school.

However his personal love-sex life had been always off track. Of Course he was no longer too close to his mom and now who was there to render him therapy.

Sex Education is a teenage drama comedy with lots of intriguing characters.The word ‘sex’ for somebrings uncomfortness.

But this series opens up the viewers mind as all the

communites,sexes and their gay-lesbian relationship was respected by the society.It's a

colourful sex comedy drama which conveys how beautiful the society can be if all are the people are treated equally.

I recommend this series for teenagers because sex is something which is not openly debated in our surroundings and its a must watch for some sex learnings and fun.

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