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Ranisha Agrawal


Sharrad Ritual | How modern day practices changed |Kalyug

When we see from a rational and modern perspective is a common practice which is the ‘sharrad’ ritual. It is a ritual one performs to pay homage to one's 'ancestors’. It helps us remember our deceased ones and pay homage to them by feeding the poor and needy. In ancient times people were offered food in a respectful manner where the food was valued instead of being wasted.People were thankful for the feedings by the rich families.

But today , many times the needy aren't the ones being fed, the greedy are. Well to do Hindu families often organize bhandaras to feed the poor while practicing ‘sharrad’ ritual. But these bhandaras don’t serve their purpose entirely. Instead they become a nuisance. The food is served in a haphazard way to anyone and everyone who comes along. The venues more often than not are the streets where a temporary tent is put up. Once the bhandara is over, a huge mess is left behind which isn’t usually cleaned up. In an attempt to pray for peace for one’s loved ones people end up polluting the roads. The only solution is organization. Bhandaras need to be organized in a respectful manner where the food is served to the needy with dignity in a place where they can consume it peacefully and safely.

How would you feel if someone treats you like nobody and offers you food while taking you for granted ?

Well karma is a bitch and will come back to you .

India is a country with multiple cultures and traditions,everything pleasing and charming in its own way. “We learn what we are made to learn,we see what we are shown, but we never are focused towards brainstorming and the harsh realities behind everything.” Even today we are not aware of some of the history makers.some people are not even highlighted for their great achievements yet they are a part of history.In the same way everything is not appreciated at all times ,and some things remain hidden as the clouds cover the moon. But the truth is only present matters because ‘past’ and ‘future’ actually do not exist. Life is not always a bed of roses. In a nutshell I would like to say big historical events ,global crises which make history known are available to all.But my aim was to draw away the curtain in certain aspects from the eyes of the people,who are away from the sunlight. Following something irrationally and mindlessly is what is a step backward to growth. History is always carried forward in the minds of people and we should take care that things are getting moulded in a positive manner rather than being shaped recklessly.

Our ancestors followed this practice for the sake of the people not out of formality of feeding people .If you don't give people food dose not means they will die .“Think, analysis, question yourself, this would make history more beautiful and less harmful” 

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