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Shaurya Vardhan


Should celebrities who break the law face stricter punishments ?

Celebrities here are referred to as Actors, and as a inspirational icon. Basically everyone understands that a Celebritiy is actually an Actor this means that whatever he is doing on Television screen , is just an acting taken from a actual person. In some countries Actors are seen like normal public or just as an actor , while in some countries Actors are considered as an inspirational icon. In India actors are seen equal to Gods.People pray pray Actor Rajnikank sir and many more.

Everyone person should think of this before making a view of an actor in your mind. Ofcourse an actor can play a very fabulous role on television screen , but who knows what is the dark reality behind his front view. Today whatever these actors are is just because of this public , public give them fame , buy their tickets and increase their popularity. As I previously stated , celebrities are just actors so they should be seen as a part of public.And If they break any law of any country they should be equally punished for the crime. According to me they should not be seen as distinguished personality from the eyes of law.But in some countries like India , actors are not seen as general public. There are many cases where you come to know that the famous actor/actress did a punishable job , but you would have always noticed that their duration of punishment is always smaller as compared to general public , in fact in India there are some celebrities walking openly even after being sentenced to jail. You can see the latest example of casualties in judgement against an Actor. In India actress Riah chakrabarti became an intermediary in supplying drugs to her friends. Infact she also used to consume drugs , she even gave drugs to her boyfriend late Shushant Singh Rajput , and till now nobody knows what happened to the case , is it still going on , or its file has been closed. Just because she was an actor and she had some kind of source in film Industry , she is still free form those punishment. Even in every country celebrities are paid very high . By having that much money, they would be able to bail themselves out of jail or pay for the fines. If the penalties for the celebrities are the same as the average human, they would just have to pay an extremely small portion of their fortune to get themselves out of any major trouble. This means that criminal Actors instead of living in jail they will be living around us. According to me if actors are differentiated in the eyes of law then they actors should pay very high penalties for their bail.

In country like India Actors are given lot of respect , people can do anything for their famous icon. Seeing such love from the people actors enter into politics ,and then their crime rate multiplies. You can take its example from "Daud ibhrahim" case of Pakistan. When these actors enter into politics they aspire to become a CM , MP and many more responsibilities. But why public forgets that an actor will remain an actor, he may do false promises, exploit the society and enjoy the hard earned money of the public. Even if you ignore these points you have to accept that these actors are never too much qualified and experienced to hold and manage such complicated responsibilities.

At last I want to say that we can take inspiration from the actors but always keep in mind that what are good points and what are bad points in your Role model.

This article is not written for insulting actors through this article I am targeting those celebrities who have done some crime or punishable act but they are freely doing everything.

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