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Kashish Soni



A healthy competition is always important to improve and motivate  people to work harder and reap the sweet fruits of success. Many philosophers and psychologists have identified a trait in most living organisms which can drive the particular organism to compete. In each and every stage of your life, you have to face the competition. The best one wins the competition through his/her creative work. Also, adding to your knowledge, smart work is far better than hard work in 21st century. Determination is the key to success. One should always be determined to his/her goal. Your uniqueness and different ideas can do wonders in your work. Encourage yourself to think better and innovate ideas than others. You need to think out of the box. Be proud of your efforts. Competition is not always about winning, sometimes you need to learn through your flaws and need to turn your work "flawless". Competition teaches us big life lessons; it carves the best out of us. People that enjoy entering competitions are known as compers. As Peter Diamandis has rightly pointed out "As humans, we have evolved to compete; it is in our genes, and we love to watch a competition."

Competition is not something to be scared of. You just need to show your wonderful talents and boom, you can be the winner. Hypercompetitive individuals generally believe that winning is more important, but this is not the actual case. Also, do remember the things done under mental pressure always go wrong.  In the human species competition can be expensive on many levels, not only in lives lost to war, physical injuries, and damaged psychological well-beings, but also in the health effects from everyday civilian life caused by work stress, long work hours, abusive working relationships, and poor working conditions, that detract from the enjoyment of life, even as such competition results in financial gain for the owners. You need a calm and peaceful mind to take decisions and work on your goals. In addition, some people who are thirsty for success resort to illegal means of gaining success.  This can be seen as the negative side of competition, which is noticed by many as being offensive and rude. Never compare yourself with others. You are here just to recreate the best version of yours. Comparing with others can demotivate you; it can act as a hurdle in achieving the desired goal. Be honest always, as you all know "HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY". Doing efforts is something in our hands but the results are not predictable always. Fate and karma plays an important role. You'll get whatever is mentioned in your destiny. In situations where personal competition is high, note that every information is to be shared with others. Keep your things with yourself. These points can be helpful for you, even in the most difficult phase of your life.

So, competition is like a clay, you can either make an angel or a devil out of it. It depends upon the individual how he/she manages to balance the forces of positive and negative effects, in order to ensure a healthy competition. We need to embrace the competition rather than actually creating a feeling of hatred towards our competitor.

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