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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

“Truth is ever found to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things”.

  • Simplicity is a great virtue that one can observe in their lives. We have been always advised by our elders to believe in “Simple living and high thinking”. Simplicity makes it easy for us to grasp things fast. Sophistication on the other side shows civilized nature, elegance and more of an elegant and filtered outlook towards life.
  • Simplicity as a quality can be applied to thought, appearance, and lifestyle as well. Great men are always the simplest ones. We can draw examples from the great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mother Teresa and Gautam Buddha who represent the quintessential personas of simplicity.


1.Simple Life always give peace of mind to us

A person who believes in simple living is always free of all worries and tensions. He believes in living life to his full potential. His disbursements are low and he saves plenty of money for his future. Simple life basically helps in achieving peace of mind. A simple person is always satisfied and has a positive outlook on everything that is happening in his life.

2.Simplicity helps in getting a clear idea of what the speaker wants to convey: -

Complex thoughts may sometimes be perceived to be a resemblance of sheer arrogance of a person if the speaker does not attempt to simplify the thoughts and present them elegantly. Gandhi’s philosophies are very simple and yet the most overwhelming and profound ones.

3.Simplicity in one’s appearance ooze sophistication instead of the flamboyant showcase of money: -

Simple appearance helps in connecting with more people and can be translated as approachability. Simple appearance shows a filtered and refined outlook towards life rather than the obsession of a person towards his clothes, jewellery or vehicles. Just to get an idea, Mark Zuckerberg has similar clothes in his wardrobe to avid distraction and to avoid wasting time in the selection of clothes and spend more time on important things on important things in life. This shows sophistication.

4.Simplicity in lifestyle is another way to connect with other people on human, humble grounds rather than have a luxurious life cut off from worldly realities: -

A simple lifestyle shows a much more civilized attitude, as it addresses sensitivity towards the use of resources. The best example for this is APJ Abdul Kalam and left Rashtrapati Bhawan with just two suitcases at the end of his term of Presidency. His life is the height of sophistication.

5.A simply dressed man or woman with a finishing of taste determines sartorial elegance rather than those who wear expensive clothes and are overdressed: -

This can be best illustrated by the example of the wedding which is a sheer wastage and display of wealth. A single flower in a vase is more elegant-looking and has much more grace than a large bouquet of flowers. Simplicity not only changes your outlook but also brings up a difference in your behaviour. It teaches you how to treat everyone with an even hand.

6.The number of words in a speech doesn’t matter, what matters is the effectiveness: -

The most effective speech is also the shortest one. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg speech, which is known for its precision and eloquence, is all of 300 words. Brevity is the soul of wit.

7.Architecture with clean straight lines without complicated design, the simplicity of the effects is uplifting: -

Architecture should be seen as neat and functional. Elegance is achieved when the extras are discarded and construction takes place with free-flowing spaces and interiors in connection with the environment.

8.Homes stuffed with fancy items looks congested but a home with clear spaces and surfaces suggest openness in the thoughts of a person: -

Multiplicity and confusion of things tarnish the beauty of things. A plant in a corner can bring in the sense of the outdoors.


  • The irony of our current state is that we live in a complicated world, filled with computers, phones and machines, which are all supposed to simplify the way we live.
  • As humans, we are much more oriented towards complexion.
  • In today’s world, it is very difficult to lead a simpler life as we all run towards complexity and extravagance. People re ready to do anything to make more and more money, but such people often face a lot many issues and lose their peace due to such kind of activities.


A simple person knows what really matters and what doesn’t. They are people of higher intelligence than most other people. A simple man never feels the need to flaunt his wealth in order to gain respect from the ladies. His charisma is enough to make people start loving him. A simple man leads a peaceful life without any headaches. Thus, it can be said, “The simple life is a good life.”

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