By- Ranisha Agrawal
You feel it You write it ✨

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Ranisha Agrawal


Sitting at the edge - Is silence really golden ?

Reality Check

Sitting at the edge, unaware of life, those 20 peaceful minutes at midnight allows me to completely feel myself. The pleasing moon light

makes me fall deeper, unresisting with emotions. The twinkling stars

give a new sense of hope. Silence seems absolutely golden with those

beautiful yet rugged moments.

This precious time allows me to think, toughens me up, teaches me to

survive, and gives me the courage to fight each day over.

As Dalai Lama said

“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace”.

This motivates me to pull up my socks. Sometimes I feel devastated,

fragile, miserable and other ton of emotions. But the important thing is

that instead of showing tantrums, how we heal ourselves. It’s difficult

for me to express what every heartbeat does to me. But this is me;

whenever I am upset I just become quiet. At all times ,I am not capable

to share what I am feeling but that doesn’t mean I am different from

others. Life made us smart enough to accept how we are and I am

proud of that.

My magic wand is some silence, peace of mind. Things gets complicated there’s always a rush to accomplish everything with a fear of leaving behind everything. It's all about changing opinions, quietly

building new structures. Whatever happens ,it happens for a reason. So

here I am, satisfied with everything rather than to blame people.

It's okay, always okay to stand up with a smile while dealing with tangled emotions.

It's just giving yourself some time, asking yourself questions which gives

you valuable answers. In whatever way we manipulate our mind it's not

going to work until our heart is at peace with things.

I am happy looking at the beautiful sky, brainstorming, creating ideas,

finding solutions, facing reality checks, and just making myself ready for

the future.

"Peace has its own reward and so life has more of it".

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