By- Rishabh Chaturvedi
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Rishabh Chaturvedi


Sitting under the Stars

Sitting under the stars

i used remember those days

When I was a child, where there were no fears,

I used to wonder that ,who am I

In this world full of amusements, those stars were symbolic of Gods from whom I used to talk whenever I got struck,

I wonder those Stars were not only small suns burning out of matter, but also an Inspiration of removing darkness of world by shining ourselves from our successful efforts,

In this world full of amusements ,it not easy to achieve everything thus, if we want to shine like a star, then we need to burn like sun

this world is not only full of amusements, but also there is some darkness of which there is fear on not only in ours but but also in others life which we need to remove from our bright future,

Sitting under the stars, I decided that, one day I will unite the world and remove all the darkness and one day peace will prevail over the world,

There definitely would be a place better for everyone, where there would be no hunger, pandemic, poverty and darkness of evils

Sitting under the stars, I promise myself that I will make successful efforts in removing darkness from the world.

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