By- Harsh sharma
Unapologetically Imperfect

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Harsh sharma


Sketching your words in pictures is an art.


Every artist compromises of something deeply inherited with the emotion of elation to set the perspective of optimistic vibes while beholding the alluring grace of art-form they perceive to deeply make all of us dwell in the depth of true emotion of that piece of art, that is most certainly the raw form of happiness we all thrive and endure to conceive.

Our brain is hard wired to remember things, and we are using our memory for so many reasons. One of the main reasons is to remain happy, by reciting the happy memories. What are actually happy memories? When we think we are happy, our brain significantly increases the amount of dopamine and it creates a bubble inside our cornial shell.

Then we start to accept everything being lucid and luminous, more than ever. Then everything becomes bright and beautiful. So, why I told you all this? Because we all know that we all are good at some things, some are good are acting, so they pursue that field and showcase their act. Some are good at singing; they sing and we feel good when we hear a voice.

And some people are also good at expressing an emotion through pictures. They sketch their thoughts and it is indeed a great skill. Expression was very useful element of our race’s civilisation since the very beginning of life. Ancient sapiens drew images on walls of caves to express how they felt at that moment, to capture that moment with fellow sapiens in that cave.

Every artist you know has a purpose, a job to do. And that is to make you feel happy. We, humans tend to like people when we feel happy. Happiness is an emotion that is very easy to find and very hard to find at the same time.

When we see, we create a picture in our heart. And then we start to decode the meaning of that picture, or that sketch. We think and think and try to analyse the ‘hidden would be’ perspectives of the artist. We put our attention to every detail that shall indulge us deeper in that piece of art and then we create a story inside ourselves.

Looking at a sketch/picture is like reading the book, everything is in front of your, on the paper yet we all have a different approach to it, a different story we create in our mind.

Yes, sketching is indeed an art, and it spills the moment in sheets making them memorable and cherish the stories.

Words are hard to express, they need to be said again and again, but pictures are different. Words can be felt, they are abstract and we feel how we think, we feel how we see this world. We all see this world different, so we will listen and react differently to words.

However, words are felt with ears and pictures are seen by eyes. Pictures are either soother, they are seamless and flow-going. They are spontaneous, detailed and chimerical. They were blunt with boldness of colours and benevolent to the beholder. The elation we feel when we witness the abstract beauty of dazzling surfaces sliding over the white sheets complements the thoughts we generate and idyllists the true meaning of joy.


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