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Smiling Face - Chapter One


How much for the onions

Smiling Face, Like Life's going so good.

He is walking on the street.

Buying Fresh vegetables at reasonable price from the vegetable market in India is easy, Its a myth, if you belong from a middle class family.

He Stops at a vegetable store, its basically a trolley.

"how much for the onions" he said.

"40rs per kg" greengrocer said.

"Its too much, give me in 30" he said.

"Buy in 35 & Sell in 30, How could it be profitable for me, I can't give you in 30" greengrocer said.

(Smiling Face gone )

"thats ok, I don't want to buy", he started moving from the store.

"hey stop, take it in 35" a voice from behind.

(Smiling Face Back)

the greengrocer said this.

he came back to the to trolley and said "ok give me half a Kg"

"What ! I ask you for a deal, if you buy 2kg Onions i will give you in 70" greengrocer said.

"Thank you, but i don't need that much, give me half a kg at the rate of 35rs per Kg" he said.

"its not possible" grocer said.

(Smiling Face gone)

this time, he moves with no reply.

"ok , Take it" again a voice from behind.

(Smiling Face still not back)

he came back and started to collect good qualiy onion in a basket from the trolley.

(Smiling Face back)

After collecting some fresh onions, he give it to the greengrocer to wiegh it.

"give me some more onions" greengrocer said.

"but its more than half Kg, why you need more" he said.

"Ohh ! I forget to say, You have to buy atleast 1 kg of onion" greengrocer said.

(Smiling Face gone)

He moves,

again, the same voice from behind, but he did'nt responded.

He Stops at another Onion Seller's Trolley.

"How much for the onions" he said.

"35rs per kg" greengrocer said.

(Smiling Face back)

"Its too much, give me in 30" he said.

"Buy in 30 & Sell in 30 ...........

(Smiling Face gone)

if you want me to publish chapter two, please comment down below.

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