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Social Taboo Associated with Live-in Relationships | Are they Compatible With the Notion of Marriage?


We have talked about self-love, dating and other topics in the dating arena, but living together before marriage is the most taboo topic of them all. In a society where being detected with the person of opposite gender by that nosey neighbour aunty can overthrow your character, living with that person is whole another story.

Live-in relationship or cohabitation is when two people live together and are in a relationship, sexual or otherwise. Live-in relationships can be an excellent way to test your comparability with your companion.

Live-in relationship is a big deal in Indian society, especially for the past generation. But it can be an essential step in a relationship when we just want to get to know the person and not make permanent commitments just yet. Dating essentially is not a part of Indian culture, which is one of the reasons why live-in relationships are considered taboo. Live-in relationships Are fun ways to experience adult life, to prepare yourself for that exciting new journey.

In the present situation, with so much media exposure in the current generation with the understanding of relationship dynamics, cohabitation has become a commonplace. A decade ago, it could've been a bigger problem than it is today.

Couples nowadays do not hesitate to accept living in together because it is has become a part of the relationship process where you get to know a person inside and out. Meeting occasionally on dates can give you a false idea of that person's nature. But if you are living with that special someone you get accustomed and aware of their natural behaviour.

Reason live-in relationship is considered a taboo has a lot to do with the sexual aspect of the situation; this does not hold for all cases.

The argument that "how does it make marriage different from a live-in relationship?" is always present in the debate. The sacrament of marriage is a permanent commitment, not to say that cohabitation is not permanent. Marriage is living with the person in all the situations without the option of backing off even if you can't find that person in incompatibility. Cohabitation is a significant step of course, but it's essential to know that your life partner or your significant other is compatible to you or not. In the modern-day people want to know that if the person they choose to marry is something they can deal with for the rest of their life. When married couples start living together, adjusting to each others habit can be very difficult.

Although considered taboo two consensual adults living together in accommodation is not illegal. As long as both the parties are adults and are together with their will, the whole ordeal of cohabitation is not unlawful. The supreme court of India has stated that there are no laws associated with the prohibition of cohabitation or pre-marital sex. According to article 21 of the constitution, everyone has the right to life and personal liberty as a fundamental right. Hence makes live-in relationships legal between two adults.

What is your impression of live-in relationships? Comment your opinions.

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