By- Versha Vaishnav
I need someone in my dark to light up my life n there I got my diary🌸🌸

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Versha Vaishnav


Somewhere I have somebody

At first, I thought it would be crush but it was really different feelings I had for you. I didn't know what was that. So, I tried to know.

You were a celebrity whereas there was me who lived in India. You had many people to love but I only had you. Unfortunately , I couldn't be one among them and that one for you.

Every day I used to see many people who judged my feelings for you. They said it was just a crush not love but I was aware about it. That it wasn't a crush, it was that I fell for you so easily that people thought that way. I didn't want to make those people understand and explain that it was not a crush but love because I was afraid that if I told them they would say the same again. And I would doubt my feelings for you. So, I decided to let those people understand what they wanted to. They gave very bad names to my love for you. I loved you but you weren't with me with whom I could share my pain and sufferings.

Where would I go from those people and even you were so far to reach?

Whenever I used to listen sad music, it always made me to think of you.

I didn't get why they called it just a crush, when they didn't know a bit about my feelings. How could they judge me ? When someone tried to be my valentine. I said no very straight forward because you were my love for life. Why I would be with someone I didn't like? Everyday I woke up , I always asked for your happiness to God that you could get a reason to smile, to laugh.

And what I said for me was :

Lord I also fell in love, I also gave away my pain. I was happy to love you but if something was missing and that was you. I lived my life happily to show people but deep down it was you for whom I wanted to ask. And in the lonely evening, I stopped thinking about all those thoughts that I had whole day and I wished to spend sometime with you.

I didn't know that you were there in my unneeded laughter and unseen tears. You were there in whatever I see. I missed you every moment. I cried for you day and night. And still I was told that I had crush on you. But inside my heart, from the truth of life, from the depth of my soul, you tried to pass through it.

I worked hard to reach you and let you know about my love. I wanted to tell this because I loved you but never wished that you would love me too. You would be happy knowing that I have one more person to Love me without asking anything in return. I wove dreams about you every moment. You was a handsome man, I was unpretty girl, you were loved by every but I was loved by none. Even knowing that it would hurt me a lot but I couldn't stop myself falling for you. I wanted to know what was written in the lines (of fate) because I have just loved you I wanted my God to know this.

I remember some lines of song that said :

'This world has won and the heart has lost I had never thought that we'd be separated after meeting....'

Was that easy for me to bear those harsh words of people who judged me at every step? But what would I do just because of few people I would leave you a little like. It was said that it couldn't be love but crush, obsession. And again I was judged for loving you. I adore you and no one before you could make me feel this way, I just can't forget you I love you more each day.

You were the only one and you are the one I kept on weaving dreams without any reason. I didn't know whose evil gaze has caught me. If there was anyone like you on Earth then I would complain to God.

By coming in my life you had changed my life. I started to love you even before I loved myself. But I couldn't stop myself falling for you.

Your name was Mr. Kim taehyung and mine was Varsha.

I couldn't stop myself falling for you and I found myself in love with you in the end.

You are that somebody who lives somewhere far from me.

Thank you

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