By- Aayisha
You hand me all your broken pieces I make sure I'll fix that with my poetry and words.😍🌹

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Sounds of silence.


The letters I write to you every day

Is the rescue to all moments

I wish to confine it forever

There is a sound in me inside

Tells me to own you and reside

There I couldn't stop myself getting sank

Pouring my heart out 

To the spaces which are left blank

Your thoughts kept me from drowning

Every word stumbles upon 

Like it wants to explode

How I wish you to be here

To endure my silence

Devouring my thirsty letters

I smell you through each word

Some left unsaid 

And some you left unheard

Falling into darkness

Still chasing the light

Clinging on to these pages

With all my broken pieces

Every chapter is a hope

You'll be back to me

I'll wait for a universe

To create its magic.

Find me, feel me

Dissolve yourself in my soul

"The pain" you'll embrace it.

-Aayisha Eizaz

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