By- Sanjeevani Shukla
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Sanjeevani Shukla


Splash of Colours for Spring/Summer - 2021


Colour - A way of expression, a symbol of diversity, an embodiment of uniqueness. As Celerie Kemble, a renowned decorator, rightly said - “ There is a reason we don’t see the world in black and white.”

Colours play a significant role in depicting a person’s mood as well as his/her personality. They give an artist a peculiar sense of freedom to bring his thoughts to life, whether on a canvas, a wall or a piece of cloth. The interpretation of every colour change from individual to individual and it directly influences our moods.

Seasons are also often associated with colours. While winters are generally represented by cool shades of blue, white and black; shades of brown mixed with yellow and orange depict the fall season. After chilly winters comes the party season, that is, Spring which is often represented by more delicate colours including pale and pastel shades. Having seen some very unprecedented times in 2020, the year 2021 will definitely bring with it a sense of hope, freedom and joy. This will most likely be reflected in the Spring Collection of 2021.  The palette is expected to be a mix or rather a contrast of fresh, delicate pastels and more vibrant brights. It is anticipated that the colour range this spring will be extensive.

The cool blues are most likely to range from powder to turquoise through Tiffany having splashes of teal and turkish blue. The pinks will also show a similar diversity as they will include brighter shades like fire opal as well as more subtle shades like Carnation pink and Classic rose with tinges of Tulip. The greens, which are consequently mixes of both Warm and Cool, considering their origin, are expected to be slightly on the warmer side including pistachio, chartreuse and sage.

The colour palette is predicted to show even more variety during the season transition from spring to summer. The shades are expected to go more bold and fiery incorporating brighter shades of primary colours. The spectrum will be a refreshing blend of softer pinks, berry and Fuschia, lighter shades of clear red and even clinical white. Colour shades with blue undertones and neutrals ranging from rose beige to beautiful cocoa will definitely find their way on the palette this summer. Universal monochromatic dusty shades will also be popular in the middle time of the year. 

All in all, it will be a diverse collection of shades during the first half of 2021. This should give the designers more freedom to explore combinations. And we must definitely get geared up for more surprises with respect to styles and colour palette for 2021.

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