By- Asees Kohli
If you are too tired to speak, sit next to me for I, too, am fluent in silence.

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Asees Kohli




Some days felt empty, Some nights felt cold

A stranger knocked on my door, I welcomed him not knowing what would unfold.

You felt like an angel, warm and heart of gold

Like a breath of fresh air, shy yet standing bold.

Holding buckwheat flowers, symbolic of lovers

Time with you flied so fast, felt like seconds even though they were hours.

You saved me from this world, even though you yourself had been through the rough

Your smile shined like the majestic galaxies, and believed in just giving love.

Now I reach my hands out, to seek your touch and light

Hoping you would appear again, I'll catch a vision of you in my sight.

Some times soulmates are not meant to be, Just like you were mine

They have a piece of your heart, always till the end of time

You knew me better than me, and that some endings might be tragic

That to save something you have to lose the other, but the memories are sheer magic.

Your fingertips were already prepared, to wipe my tears away.

Today all I can ask from you, is just one more moment to stay.

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