By- Urvi Shah
A Bibliophile. Currently on self improvement journey. " Believe. Become."

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Urvi Shah


Staying away from Family....

Who will boost me up when I lose hope,

Who will keep waiting for me till I reach home?

On whose lap will I sleep when I am tired,

Who will show me right direction when I am faltered?

Who will show me light  when I am depressed,

Who will shout at me for cleaning myself and my messy shelf?

Who will enquire about my day?

I can’t live this way.

With whom will I share everything ,

How will happiness in moments spring?

Now whom can I rely upon ,

Who will give rise to the new dawn?

To whom will I hand over the long calls of relatives,

Wouldn’t it become imperative?

Whose tee  will  I wear if I am short of options,

Who will understand my unsaid emotions?

Who will help clear my dilemma,

Isn’t it a bad agenda?

Who will scold me and make me realize my mistakes,

And with whom will I have great debates?

Who will wake me up as a natural alarm,

Wouldn’t absence of it cause me harm?

Who will motivate me to work hard?

I want these thoughts to discard.

Who will bring small tokens of happiness in my life,

Who will lighten me up with the gracious smile?

Who will give  solution for all my problems?

I am losing my treasured gems.

Who will bear all my tantrums now?

These things I can’t allow .

How will I stay alone ?

I will miss my throne.

These thoughts makes me numb,


How will I stay away from my family?

 I wonder how I got these thoughts uncannily.

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