By- Divya Singh
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Divya Singh


Story of a man who lost everything


Just like any ordinary man, who is inclined towards having a well-to-do job, a good family

and necessities of life, Mr. Schofield too was of same aspirations. A simple man, who never

desired luxuries from life.

His family comprised of his wife, a son and his mother. All of them lived in the rented house

in the nearby locality of his office. Things worked well for them until the silent storm emerged

suddenly in their lives.

He lost his job… The only earning member of the family had lost his job. Nevertheless, he

hurriedly started to find new jobs to make it work for the family. Just in the course of finding

jobs, he realized the unstable health conditions of his mother.

She had been diagnosed with Alzheimer, the treatment of which required a lump sum to

keep her alive. He sold his current possessions (which wasn't enough for the treatment) to

save his mother, who he loved dearly. Seeing his mother on the hospital bed broke him

every day.

After a few days, he again set out to find a job to sustain his family. On the way, he also

dropped his son to school. Internally he was broken, cursed himself everyday for not having

enough money to save his mother had started to eat him up.

All he knew was, to protect his family and earn a living for them. While he was in the

interview for his job, he was constantly getting calls from his son’s school. Since the phone

was on silence, he didn’t receive the call.

Coming out of the interview room, he dialled the same number that had over 35 missed

calls. There was no response, immediately he received a call from his wife who was

panicking and asked him to reach the hospital close to his son's school.

The son had met with an accident while waiting for his father to pick him up after school. Just

as time passed by, he decided to cross the road by himself and a speeding truck had hit him

too hard to leave a single scope of life.

Already being traumatized by his present condition and his mother's death… This was not

something he had imagined in the worst situations of life.

The wife was broken to pieces and had grown numb, Mr. Schofield had nothing left to

assemble within himself. After one thing led to another, one can never get over losing their

kid. The wife couldn't take the pressure and split up her way with Mr. Schofield.

He indeed had lost everything, the only support and the shoulder to lean on, his wife too had

left him. Right when he needed her the most, she had left…

Several thoughts jumbled him, from regrets to cursing his luck and eventually falling into

depression … he had nothing left to live for.

The fortune, however, favored him in the end… He dedicated his whole life working for the

association that took care of old people and children who were left abandoned by their family


He played several roles for all these children and old people, reflecting his mother and son in

each of them, which made him love them dearly. Today, he is a proud owner of an

association that takes care of such people as he manifests his happiness in taking care and

being there for them.

We get to learn a lot from his story, whether is it just women who have their hardships? Why

are we always sympathizing with women and ignoring the mental health of men? Are we so

consumed with the biased thought, ‘men should be strong, they should know how to handle


We need to realize that there is no gender discrimination when it comes to mental health.

Men, although most of them have a silent approach, they, however, go through a lot within

themselves as a by default trait.

We need to value the emotions of our breadwinner and protect their health in every way

possible. That's the least we can do for them. Get up just now and hug your dad, apologize

to him for giving him a rough time and be there for him instead… the happiness you'll offer

him by doing so, will make him smile in all his times!

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