By- Urvi Shah
A Bibliophile. Currently on self improvement journey. " Believe. Become."

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Urvi Shah


Stranger Things


I saw something hiding behind the bushes, the curiosity in me made me follow the object and discover what it was actually. I came for a stroll near woods, it’s usually a silent and peaceful place but now it seemed mysterious and terrific . I started following the path of the unknown thing and amidst this I lost my path to the exit. I could hear different voices, different screams which made my head ring with innumerable questions. Who could it be? Was it worth taking risk to enter the forest? Was it a wrong step? Where would my destiny take me? I just focused on discovering the strange person and put an end to the questions arising in sea of thoughts. I kept following the path of that thing hiding and sliding in order to remain un-noticed. Finally, I was able to get a glimpse of that person……I was shocked, frizzled and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was not a person but a strange green creature with 3 eyes and weird face. Was it a alien? I couldn’t stop detective inside me now to let go of that thing and return back. I followed, strange thoughts in mind- What is it here for? Isn’t it threat to humanity? I gathered all my courage and followed it until it stopped just to give me another shock- I could see a UFO and 100s of other aliens coming out of it. I could see other UFOs flying across the woods and landing here.  I was scared, I could not think of anything but to inform the authorities and police. The world was in danger, I was too in danger which I sensed after realizing one of the alien was rushing towards me with highly complex gun like weapon. I ran with my full speed, but after covering a  short distance I felt relieved but I didn’t know it was invitation for another struggle. They started following me using other UFOs I could see them using laser guns to shoot me. I was fortunate enough to find a cave to save myself from UFOs firing. But I knew I had short span of time, and they could come anytime and find me. I rushed to leave the forest area and contact police. Wait! I have phone, I was overjoyed and felt a relief from this stressful situation. I called my home as well as police but it seem to go in vain. I couldn’t connect call even though I had full network. The joy of finding my mobile was short-lived. Aliens blocked the network connections of the whole area and now they knew where I was as I could see my phone responding to strange signals. I had no choice but to leave my phone there and proceed as I was the only one who knew about alien invasion and I could only save Earthlings from their evil plan. Now, I was alert. I gathered some stones and stick to use as a weapon for my protection. I was careful while crossing the forest, I somehow managed to get away from the light of UFOs searching me. I was exhausted I felt numb, I couldn’t move. I got a strange feeling, though I could see I couldn’t move. Soon the UFOs got me and I realized they were not fire guns but having a chip which made one immovable for sometime. I was being carried to the centrally situated  UFO. I could feel my legs alive again. I was just about to be thrown in a UFO and I retaliated and tried to free myself from their clutches and run. But not everything goes as we plan, I got a shot from their guns, it was laser gun I think. I fell there unconsciously, I remember trying to free myself from their arms when they dragged me to the UFO again. I was back in consciousness now, I could see few humans wrapped  in rope like me. Probably they were ones like me having a detective in them, I was terribly shocked. I understood from the aliens conversation that they were going to punish us by destroying us as if the information regarding their presence was out they would not be able to conquer Earth. I cursed myself for being so curious, I wondered where my destiny has brought me. From a fun stroll to being amidst the alien, what was in my fate I wondered. I could do nothing, I was wrapped in rope. I was just praying God to help me. They started their genocide, They killed 3 humans in front of my eyes using their fire gun. I could hear scream of others who died out of effect of that laser. Now, it was my turn, my heart started beating at a fast rate, I closed my eyes hoping for some miracle to happen. They weren’t merciful, I got a shot, I screamed and woke up from a nightmare which I got. I couldn’t realize what was happening until my alarm rang and I got up to be ready for office.  My mother was surprised by the fearful look I had after waking up. I changed my path today and swore never to go to woods ever ……..

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