By- Raghav Bharti
I write what I can’t say and I don't say most of the things.

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Raghav Bharti



You were drowning in the pool of emptiness and sorrow.

Trying to catch your breath,trying to swim across the ocean of dismantling emotions.

Legs stuck in the bog of your past,your one hand wriggling for help,while your body buried under the mud of betrayal.

You screamed with your lungs out for somebody to save you,prayed to god to send somebody to rescue you,heal you.

.... But no one ever came.

You got disappointed and asked yourself that who would save me?

''I have always saved and fixed people around me my whole life but there is no one who could save me,repair me.’’

......But you forgot that’s your super power i.e. to save others,heal others,fix others.

Maybe the only way you could save yourself is by healing others.

Maybe you are born to be a fixer and that's your fixation. -RB

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