By- Shifa Ansari
💃Embracing modern life while still maintaining a sense of tradition and ancient values🧕

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Shifa Ansari




See the fun of my existence

I was enthralled forever

You don't have to pay attention here

My submission will not be less ever

When did my heart die?

When did I die?

Now you have ruined it, say this

Was this my improvement?

See my happy colored wound?

I mean, do you read my eyes as a poetry?

Now open to me with the conversation

Was my nature that good for you?

Is that the wealth of your life

Life is not made of me

The moon looks sad

Does it reflect light out of me?

Now I forget everything

Wasn't that my habit?

The tears came and sat on the bream of my eyes

When the evening of separation left me desolate

At first my heart was pounding

But now whenever I think of it pounds now

What a wonderful way to screw people over

Look, my laughter doesn't stop with tears in my eyes

Surrender yourself to me again

I will not ask any excuses now

Your refusal did wonders to me

I came to life

I did not live for a moment, was it Shifa who lived me before?

I can't win your heart

and I can't stand it

It's like I'm in trouble

I can't even say a word

When you come before my eyes

My tears start to flow

When you cross the river

Even water can't flow

Come my beloved, today

Like a flower that blooms for a short time, this day will also fade

Neither me, this heart nor this world will remain

If the brightness of your love will reveal itself

Come my beloved, ours for today

I'm so drunk with your love

I can't distinguish between water and soil

I can't find the way to your heart, what should I do?

Your heart is indifferent to my love, what should I do?

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