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Switching To Herbal And Natural Ways Of Treatment


The use of plants for medicinal purpose predates the recorded history and forms the origin for much of modern medicine. Natural ways of treatment are a much-needed process required in today’s time where people just want to rely on Allopathic medicines to cure even the minutest of inconvenience.

Effects of Allopathic medicines: -

One of the major side effects of Allopathic medicines is that it disturbs and weakens our anti-bodies, produced by our body naturally, and makes us dependent slave of these medicines for life. It also weakens our immunity over-time and makes it difficult for an individual to combat its effects in the long run. We can agree to this as eventually, out of lack of patience, instantly opt for these medicines without giving our body the time and finding ways to cure naturally.

There is no doubt about its instant relief factors that gives relief to an individual in a short run time. Also, on the other hand, we need to focus on its long-run effects, that only affects our immunity for the worse.

Why should one opt for natural ways of treatment?

Although the idea of natural treatment is a bit time consuming but it surely has flourishing effects on our body in the long run. We all have heard about Ayurveda; it indeed is pre-eminently a health and wellness system. It has a wide variety of integrated propositions from biological, psychological, philosophical and spiritual sources that frame it as a foremost system of medical treatment. Indian households in these times are usually keen to adopt a faster method of treatment (allopathic) and the end up ranting in the long run about ill-effects of medicines. Why can we not value our life and give it away to naturally adopt methods to cure ourselves? In earlier times, our ancestors and even our grandparents were fit and enduring towards any ailment because they did not immediately jump to the chemical ways of treatment. They were aware of the plants and its numerous benefits that was enough to boost them. ‘Jadibutti’ and ‘Kaadha’ were a solution to several ailments like – fever, cough, cold and minor headaches. Food that was cooked during their times, was prepared with the view to add all the essentials required to keep the body updated with its nutrient’s requirement. However, in the modern times, we need to switch back to the good old days, where we find

natural ways of treating our body problems so that in the long run we can endure anything without many efforts.

Here are some benefits that one can primarily achieve with the consistent use of Ayurveda: -

•Weight loss and maintenance

•Healthy and glowing skin and hair

•Helps to combat stress

•Reduce inflammation

•Cleans the body by detoxifying.

•Lower blood pressure, cholesterol and helps to balance diabetes.

Practising Ayurveda as a way of life will help you to gain mental peace and surplus your everyday efficiency in a steady manner. So, why not choose the natural way to stay fit?

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