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Synthetic Music Or Original Music - Which one is Better?


Hello Readers,

"Music is the only language in which you cannot say a mean or sarcastic thing to someone." ~ John Erskine.

A multitalented artist like John Erskine has said this statement absolutely 100% true because music is the only way that can change our mood without applying any special efforts. All you have to do is get your phone out of your pocket, plug the earphones in it, play your favorite music, and then just relax. That's It! It's a very clear thing to understand that in today's life, if we can enjoy ourselves without anyone's effort or without being dependent on someone, then all the credits go to Music only.

But nowadays where everything from the smallest to the greatest is compared then there is also a kind of comparison that goes between Original Music and Synthetic Music that we are going to discuss through this article and we will also learn, what admirers think about this comparison.

So let's first know, what this Synthetic Music means. Like today we can make any kind of music with the help of computers and advanced technology, or you can alter the Original Music by adding something new and different in it, similarly, in the year 1800 with the help of an instrument called TelleHarmonium the Original Music was altered and created in a new way and this process is known as Synthetic Music, the person who makes this type of music is called a Synthesizer.

In this type of music the lyrics, background music(popularly known as BGM nowadays), and composition/direction are almost the same as Original Music, the only difference is that the Synthetic Music is made comparatively more crispy, fast and entertaining to attain the attention of people of almost all generations. There are other following points in which I have categorized and compared Synthetic Music and Original Music:


It is very difficult to deny that no matter how much effort and techniques have been applied to Synthetic Music, the Original Music will still remain classic and has a great relaxing, soothing effect in it. (The reason for this may be that we have heard and liked the Original Music before, thus Synthetic Music is not very much preferred by some people.)


Undoubtedly, Synthetic Music ends in about half or less time than the original and this is the main reason that today's generations getting more attracted towards the fast/quick ending songs by not seeing the quality, lyrics, BGM, and direction of the music. Synthesizers know this thing very well and that's why they make two or a maximum of three songs which is equal to one Original. (According to the Time)


Suppose that, you have come to your comfort place, tired from your work but you're also fond of music, so you want to listen to some music for deep sleep, in that case, what would you love to listen to - crisp and loud Synthetic Music or slow sounding and relaxing Original Music? Music means forgetting all the sorrows and troubles and giving yourself a few moments of peace and pleasure but if this purpose is not fulfilled then what is the benefit of Music? NOTHING.


Synthetic Music can be used for traveling, gyming, jogging, dancing, or any other physical activity as this type of Music creates a strange vibe that makes you successful in completing any physical activity quickly. Whereas Original Music can be heard according to the rest time and mood so that it calms and relax your mind and soul gracefully.


Music Lovers or Admirers are definitely people of every generation because Music is the only one who doesn't ask people about their caste, religion, color, gender, language, or qualification, and I don't think there will be anyone in the universe who doesn't like Music or is not fond of Music.

It is very easy to understand that people who like classical music will be admirers of Original Music and it is not necessary that such admirers must belong to the '80s and '90s because age is not important to love any kind of Music.

On the other hand, the number of people(admirers) who like Synthetic Music is increasing day by day, because nowadays more and more people are going to cafes, clubs and fancy parties and in such places only Synthetic Music is played and this is why people now, like to play Synthetic music everywhere.

The conclusion is that the world is made up of people with different kinds of thinking, mindset, and preferences. If ten people are present in a room and eight of them love Synthetic Music then it is not necessary that the choice of the remaining two people must be the same.

Synthetic Music certainly takes a lot and a lot of effort and hard work but people of this generation should never forget to appreciate Original Music too because once upon a time it took a lot of painstaking to create Original Music and that's why Synthesizers are able to create Synthetic Music today.

Thank You!

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