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Taking care of mental health during Pandemic


As the current situation of COVID-19 seems to be growing at a rampant pace, each one of us seems to be bewildered and struggling with different phases of life.The whole world seems to be affected on a colossal scale. Despite the material or immaterial losses one might be going through in life, one thing that seems to be of utmost importance is 'mental well-being'. Pandemic attacking our nation not only took away millions of lives but also left people jobless and struggling with a financial crisis. Several sectors of the economy came down to zero functionality impacting the growth of the nation negatively.

For the time being, let's just keep the material factors aside and discuss the mental impact of this situation on us. As per reports, Dr Konstantinos Petsanis, a neurologist by training claims that “Mental health repercussions regarding what is happening in Pandemic for people, today and beyond, will really be a problem in general”. He adds ‘In general,stress behavior for many, many people bring a lot of problems'.

Refer this link for more information regarding the same.

Stress, anxiety and depression for sure seem to be driving a lot us and the causes are but obvious. Be it unemployment and no source for finance left or dealing with the corona virus itself is a big deal.No matter what, we must focus on the brighter side of this situation by shifting our perspective to the fact that this is a golden opportunity for spending a gala time with our loved ones, unlike the times when we are busy with our lives – professionally.

This is the perfect time to improve our overall health by inclining towards fitness and gear up for the much better future awaiting us. Here are a few ways that can help you battle the pandemic and prove out to be effective in taking care of the most essential part of our possession – mental health: -

• If you're worried about the job and have no source of income else than your job then do not give up! Firms are offering online, work from home opportunities, you can easily access these sites and know about the procedures. After all, it's not the end of the world, always motivate yourself and train your brain to find solutions for any problem.

• Pursue your hobby and you'll realize that anxiety will slowly start to leave you. Stress and anxiety strike us when we are inclined towards dwelling on the problems. The harsh truth of life is that we will never be free of problems, so learn to adapt positively and hobby is truly a way to make you fight your mental demons.

•Learn a new activity, it can be anything, related to your career or personal life. Make a checklist of the points that you feel need improvement on and work on it. Honestly, the results will help you to gain self-satisfaction and you'll start loving yourself!

•Spend time with your loved ones by engaging in a cooking session or a game of ludo or what’s better than a family movie night? Use this link to browse some amazing family movies!

Practice the art of self-calm. These times of pandemic demands us to remain calm and hopeful about a brighter future. You can achieve this by meditating daily, not only will this be helpful for the present but will turn you into a productive and wiser human.

Refer this for proper meditation and Yoga techniques:

Always believe in the eternal power of God and goodness, make yourself a better human and don't lose hope. After all its just a bad time, not a bad life. Remember – Self-care is the way you take your power back. You're a warrior and no demon shall last when you decide to willfully fight it. More power to you!

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