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"Technological Advancement – Advantages and Disadvantages"

Welcome readers.... Technology has developed very rapidly in 21st century. Today, technology has become a very important part of our daily lives. In today's world, people can't live without technologies like mobile phones, telivisions, ac's, etc. Scientists have made mankind's greatest innovation.

Nowadays, everyone uses technology in their daily lives for education, communication, job and business. For example, in the past times, we communicate information through postage or letters. But in today's digital age, we prefer to use texting to give any information to anyone.

Advantages of Technological Advancement :

First and foremost advantage of technology is that it has made our lives easier and better than before. At medical level, technology has developed so far that disease like Cancer can be treated by various vaccines in foreign countries. It can help to treat more sick people and save more lives than earlier, and combat many harmful viruses and bacteria. Like in this phase of life, the research on Corona virus is being done by several experts and scientists.

Technology has considerably increased effectiveness and helped business across many more industries. In this pandemic, when all schools and colleges were closed, technology has proved to be a boon as implementing technology into the classroom enables students to explore and access to different ways of better and effective learning. The invention of Computers was a very effective point in terms of the technological development. Communication is enhanced and research is simplified to the very extent point.

Disadvantages of Technological Advancement :

Like a coin has two phases, Head and Tail. The evolution of modern technology has disadvantages too. Because of the invention of calculator, man no longer makes mental calculations and works with his memory. Because of which human capital is declining and due to this reason unemployment situation has risen. Using technology in the classroom affects learning.

When students use tools and technologies in the classroom, they might get distracted through the social networking sites like U-tube, Google, Browser, Instagram, etc. When we use technology on a daily basis in our lives, then privacy is a concerned issue. It is very important that our personal data should be safe.

At last, I want to say that Technology has advantages as well as disadvantages. But it is all upto to your part that how you use it. If you use in a wrong way, then it would create problems for you but if you utilize it in a better and effective way, then you will find that your whole life can be changed and you can lead a better and fulfilling life.

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