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As you all know, "Women empowerment" has become as the most discussed topic in India. Many technological inventions have been made specifically for the empowerment and safety of women in our country. Technology is taking a new verge and providing innovative ideas to the users, which includes easy to use applications, gadgets and GPS trackers. Firstly, let's not forget that mobile phones add a lot to the concern of women safety. A person is just one call away to inform about any mishap; similarly we felt an urgent need of other inventions too! Moving further, we'll have a look on the most important and interesting inventions for women safety issues.


  • It was founded by Vikram Kumar in 2015. Letstrack is a GPS and vehicle security system by enabling hardware and software solutions to power the Internet of Things (IoT). It is the First Voice integrated vehicle security system. Letstrack offers - real-time tracking, 24-hour history, any movements, zone alerts, SOS alarm, and better connectivity.  You can set zone alerts, enabling you to receive notifications when destinations has been reached, or the zone created is left by someone. It uses the best location GPS system.


  • As with many wearable devices that focus on safety, Safelet(technological bracelet) was designed with speed and convenience in mind. This bracelet has two buttons on the side that users can press to send a message in order to contact within a Guardian Network. If the situation is one of high danger, friends and family members who see the alert can automatically call an emergency number like 911 from within the app. The smart bracelet can be also synced with the user’s mobile phone to start recording audio of nearby surroundings.


  • It is an average sized ring which emits loud sound to confuse and distract the attackers, when operated. The sound produced is over 110 decibels loud and can be heard from 50 feet away. Users simply need to twist the top of the ring to the left in order to emit the loud sound. In a little over a second, the sound begins; this delay also allows the user to switch the ring back off in cause the situation doesn’t require it anymore. Its stylish design and easy access make it simple to use in variety of situations.


  • It is a smart jewellery device. Mainly, it can be used to trigger alarm and send signals to pre-identified phone numbers, police and nearby users in case of emergency. It is a pendant made up of rust-proof and non-corrosive metal casing, with a fashionable coloured stone that has the safety mechanism below it. The device is linked to wearer’s mobile using an application. Weighing less than 40g, it has a battery life of seven days on a single charge of 15 minutes. It is available on Amazon, Flipkart and many other shopping applications.

Himmat App

  • It is a women safety application of Delhi Police, which was launched by the Home Minister on 1st January 2015. It is freely available for mobile phones and can be downloaded through Delhi Police Website. In case any woman is in trouble, she may send an SOS alert through the application, which immediately captures her live location and the surrounding audio-visual information and sends it to the Delhi Police Control Room. Subsequently, the nearest police station in the city gets alerted and help is directly sent to the woman. This application is only for the women in Delhi. Other states are also trying their level best to create such applications for the safety of women of their states.

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