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Vandana Kataria


The Best Vs. The Worst Advice


Welcome Readers,

Advice! What is a piece of advice means to you?

The meaning and the definition of advice are obviously poles apart for everyone. Advice may work as a help for someone, it can be a support, a warning, or for some people, advice means everything to them. But if we define Advice in a common or repeated language, it means a blend of those kind and cherished words that we share as our life experiences to someone special, so that the mistakes made by us or the betrayal/deception that we have suffered do not make our near and dear ones suffer. Right!

So in this article, I am going to share some of my best and worst advice that I have learned till now, not only by listening but, by adopting. And you may find my worst advice as to the best one and it is completely alright, but the difference is that, after applying them practically, I realized that why I listed them as the worst.

The Worst Advice Ever :

"Make your Passion or your Hobby a Job."

Passion can be made a job or future when you must have a lot of money to be proficient in that hobby. It's not the era where proficiency means passion, nowadays proficiency demands a lot and a lot of finance, this means that the poor or middle class should not keep a hobby or passion according to their status, Right! Only those people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth can give such a piece of advice because they have no idea about the complications like lack of money(financial issues), relinquishing dreams due to circumstances, and compromising passion for the sake of your family's requirements and happiness.

"Do everything in life with a plan and a backup because a person who cannot plan can never succeed."

According to this advice, if the second name of the plan is a success, then why did a huge and pre-planned ship as The Titanic drowned mercilessly? With its extremely planned structure and never-ending attitude, the Titanic shouldn't have drowned.

There have been many moments in my life where the spontaneous and unplanned decisions proved to be perfect for me. But this doesn't mean that you don't need to plan at all. Planning for a career is important but more than that, it is salient that you bestow your best in every field so that you will be called ambitious and victorious as well.

Now let's talk about some simple yet highly effective advice that I have received from people with whom I don't a relationship of acquaintance for years.

"First of all, Calm your contemplation, then see how easy and beautiful life is."

Because in life, there is neither lack of people nor conditions, so always staying in a positive and calm attitude is the best solution for 95% of your problems. Life is not really as difficult and complicated as told and intimidated by people. By following this advice, even if the right path doesn't come out, the courage to find the way definitely rises and for that, you don't need to depend on anyone, you just have to prepare yourself mentally.

(I have made this advice my habit for the last few months, and have always benefitted.)

"Sometimes it is Right to be Wrong.''

Yes, making mistakes in life is also a part of life. The more you avoid making mistakes, the more you will fail to live life properly. Believe me, lucky are those who experience mistakes before they succeed as it shows their hard work and ready to take risk factor. By adopting this advice, you may not be rich in money, but you will definitely become richest in sharing experience and advice which is more than being Richie Rich.

But all this doesn't mean that we should follow any advice 100% as stated, because like every person's name and behavior are different from one another, similarly their circumstances and also distinct.

Advice should always be taken from someone who knows you very well, who knows what is right and what is wrong for you in a particular situation, the one, you are sure will never want your bad.

It is absolutely not necessary to receive advice from someone who is elder than you, as to give advice, it is important to have experience and trust-worthy behavior and not the age because we all know that there was no elder or a wise who directed King Ashoka to follow the right path, but that was just an ordinary child(Monk) who taught him the accurate meaning of life and also showed him the way to follow Religion.

Thank You!

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