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The BFF Checklist


Friendship is one of the most precious relationships of a person's life. This is the first relationship we build ourselves. Some people we meet in our childhood but grow apart when we are older. And some people we meet after growing up and click instantly. Time does not define your relationship. What actually matters in a friendship is the bond, the understanding you share with this other person. 

So here are a few things you can check out and see if you have done with your BFF.

1) The 3 a.m. conversation

              It is said that you are most vulnerable and honest at midnight. That's the time when you easily pour out your emotions. And to do that you need a friend. A true friend would always listen to you and be there for you.

2) Sharing Secrets

              Well, this one is kind of obvious. Because, come on, what kind of a best friend would you be if you didn't even share secrets! From your crush to your secret fantasy, from your first boyfriend/girlfriend to your wedding plans, from your insecurities to your strength your best friend knows everything about you.

3) Including in Family Drama

             You know you are gonna be friends for life when you feel comfortable in sharing your family drama with your best friend. That also shows that you trust them with your life because they deserve it. And sharing your family drama is your kind of normal then you are definitely the ultimate best friends for life!

4) Been a Non-Relative in a Family Function

              Let's admit it. You are not even considered a friend anymore if you go to your friends family function. You are considered a family member. You would either be called your friend's adopted sibling or your friend's partner. Your friend's entire family and even their extended family know you and know the fact that you'll be there in the next get together as well.

5) The Unspoken Agreement

                Be it a school Bully or your friend's crush's girlfriend/boyfriend, it is an unspoken agreement that you hate them too. You don't even think about it, you just do because your friend hates them. And why wouldn't you? They obviously hurt your friend in some or the other way. Thus the unspoken pact, if one hates someone, the other one automatically does too.

6) The Collaboration

               This goes without saying that you have sent screenshots of your chats with your crush or boyfriend/girlfriend to your best friend when you find yourself in a tight spot. And the reply you send to the said person is a collaborative work of you and your best friend. Because hello! They obviously know all the right answers... Well, almost all the right answers.

7) Just Napped

                 Your friendship has reached the next level if you go to your friend's house and just napped. No words spoken, no crazy things done just napped. This also shows that you have reached a dangerously awesome level in your friendship.

8) Been the Bad Decision Police

                  You can often see the bad decision your friend is making from a mile's distance when your friend is acting blind. They may not like it when you first try to stop them or at the very least warn them. They may try to ignore your warnings or push you away altogether. But that is the time when your friendship is tested. You have to be the bad decision police and save both, your friend and your friendship from falling into a pit.


 These are a few things on the BFF checklist. And if you have done almost all of them then you are definitely in an inseparable bond. Kudos to your friendship!

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