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The controller of KARMA!

Hello my dear readers! 

I hope you all are doing well and being safe. 

I was just spending my usual day and I got to notice that a person was saying to someone that KARMA will take my revenge from you. I was like who is this Karma man! I got deep to this word and some obvious doubts popped up in my mind. So, I just want to share those with you all, along with my point of view. 


Generally speaking, what is Karma assumed to be? The action you portray to others will get back to you as a reaction by others? Well, my opinions differ. Okay so there is a boy who selflessly helps everyone including animals. He is a man filled with values and dedicated his everything to make others smile. One day he is murdered for no reason, or say because of his goodness. Here, who was to be blamed? What was his fault? Will you call it Karma? He did everything to make others feel good. He devoted himself for the sake of others. Still, why he had to face such a terrible end to his life? The brave hearts of our nation, be it our doctors or our soldiers who were killed due to some or the other reasons while protecting us, would it still be okay to call it karma?  



The sin which you make today is Karma. Because the sin that you’ll make will bog you down. Karma is basically nothing. I don’t believe in Karma and all because I believe that we are the only ones who’ll punish ourselves for the sins we’ve made or we’ll make. It's not Karma, it's our intentions or desires which leads us to commit any sin just to fulfil our desires. And we perform these actions for fulfilment of our desires.  



It's a very basic human nature to make excuses and to blame others for every bad thing that happens. If a person who wronged or cheated us in the past is not doing well today, we feel happy saying Karma played its game. What we fail to understand is that it's a real world we are living in and such virtual imaginations of Karma can't be imposed in the real life. Whatever is happening at the moment is all because of the decisions we've made in the past. People often stop taking actions and don't stand against the wrong as they give themselves false hopes that one day things will go right as Karma will come back to the person who wronged us, which is the most immature thing you could ever do! If you find somebody who is doing a not so good thing, take immediate action as the best and the only way to get results is to take actions. 

Just don’t be dependent on things. Make your own life. It's your decisions that make the next moment of your life. Be optimistic and clear to yourself. 


That’s all for today. 

See you all soon guys.  

Till then, keep smiling and shining. I wish the best future to all of you. 





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