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The Dark and Designated Survivor limits themselves to Season 3


“Will there be another season of Dark after the darken situation of the Pandemic”, “Will there be Designated Survivor Season 4 or not” are the prime sensations among the audience. Many people claimed that there will be no season 4 after Netflix officially announced that the series end up with season 3. But still it arose a greater confusion in the mind of audiences regarding its new series.

Majority of people claimed that the plot will become more complex, if there is another season for the series. The Designated Survivor, being an American Political thriller television series, audience enjoyed its previous series (till season 3) and it became a big hit among the audience whereas  the story for the Dark  successfully reveals its completion in Season 3 .

Despite the cancellation of season 4, the audience was happy for it. The officials were also happy for successfully completing the series and releasing them before the massive hit of COVID-19. Otherwise it will have a different story.

The series of Designated Survivor revolves around the story of Torn KirKman, the Secretary of Housing, who suddenly becomes to be the President of United States, after a mass terrorist attack which claims the lives of the president and others  except Kirkman.  At last he is given the title as the “Designated Survivor”. 

The series of the Dark revolves around the missing children in a small German town. Its Sinful past exposes among the four families in search of the kids along with double lives and fractured relationships. This is a mystery drama television series which introduces as to an puzzle filled with twists, thereby stimulating the curiosity among the audiences.

Netflix states that the Season 3 of the television series has satisfied the final season, thereby completing the story.  But nowadays, as rumors in entertainment became the part of media to attract audiences to a large extent, some of them suspected that it pivoted the expectations among the fans in social media platform, thereby creating confusion. So, in order to check the higher expectations, Netflix and the officials of the film had officially stated that there is no season 4 for the television series.

The impact of Yellow Journalism is used highly in social media platforms by various freelances, authors etc. The posts created and published by them tend to develop interest among the audiences but pushing them in a wrong direction, which leads to confusion. So, the series limits itself to season 3 for simplicity of the story and puts a check to the higher expectations of fans and audience.  

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