By- Rishabh Chaturvedi
True Learner

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Rishabh Chaturvedi


The Dramatic me


Sometimes situations compel us to behave Dramatically, it is a matter of those days when I was in Matrix and my board exams were near and I was giving my matricular pre-boards, Since I was not even a average student, I was afraid of my teachers that I was even unable ask them about my doubts, I used to have fear of failure and so whenever my kins talk about examinations, I used to feel too much pressure on me, since my parents, teachers and other relatives use to make pressure on me that one day while preparing my heartbeat was increasing that I had to visit a doctor.

During preparation I used to make my own notes after learning the chapters, but one day while I was writing, I forgot a point ,so I decided to check whether I remember the previous ones or not, but while remembering I felt that I have forgotten each and everything, and I did not remembered even a point of the chapters, then I was too much afraid and I was feeling goosebumps, I was persistently thinking that what I should do because a failure in pre-boards does not enables a student to sit in the board examinations, that time I was going to suicide by hanging myself or by jumping into the lake near my home, I was persistently thinking about what should I do now, as pre-boards were on my head while I was writing my Suicide note one of my friend caught me and slapped me for such, since I was going to do one of the biggest mistake of my life, that I was going to kill myself, but it compelled to do so,as I was unable to cope out of such horror of forgetting everything just before the Examinations, so when my friend slapped me I just felt that it's just idiocity, that I was going to kill myself, I started crying as I was unable to do anything at that time,

After that my friend took me to one of my teachers for the help, because of whom I was able to get out of the trauma of board Examinations, he just told me that not to be fear of losing or failure, as it's not going to decide whether I am going to be successful in my life or not, as knowledge and true spirit is more important and has much more value than the marks, which are only numbers and are not going to decide my future and for success we need to do Practice and nothing else matters and that future never depends on my marks, it depends only on my hard-work and practice and so I should only focus on for what and How I am studying and not for marks,

After that day I decided not to have fear of losing or failure as later it becomes lesson or a cautionary note and to study only and only for knowledge and not to behave Dramatically in bad circumstances and not to study for marks, as they are only numbers which shows that How much we had prepared in the given time for preparing for the Examinations and it has no relationship with my personality or IQ, since then I have Controlled myself a lot and I do not have fear of any kind of failure and now I do not hesitate for giving the Examinations and now I just used to imagine and make my own fun that earlier how dramatic I was, I was a kind of fragile child who was in fear of losing in the Examinations, and it was so foolish that I was going to suicide, only because of a Examination, now I just laugh remembering all those days and now I use to learn from the others experiences and I do Practice each and everything and used to ask all my doubts from my teachers and now sometimes I do teach others.


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