By- Rachel Mathews
"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." - James 1:17

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Rachel Mathews




I see that someone parked his lavish Porsche across the street, 

Under the magnificent moon, shining so bright. 

Filled with power and might.

He pushed the door of his nitid black Porsche,

Set his feet firmly on the crisp concrete road and 

Pushed his body out.

Just after slamming his car’s door he turned and fortuitously our eyes met.

I could see from a distance he had a tint of green in his orbs, accompanied by a vague roguishness in his beautiful green eyes.

In that untamed eye contact I did not realise that I am fully exposed from my window, keeping my book aside.

Not afraid to showcase my baby pink night suit and hot pink spectacles.

There was a spark in his gaze that made me feel impregnable, just the opposite of my personality.

He threw a fully matured grin to me, I replied with a faint one.

I was so lost in his green orbs that I missed his perfect brown locks resting on his forehead.

And now I took a chance to check him out.

It feels as if “BLACK” engulfed him in a comfortable hug. He had his black leather jacket resting on his shoulder with a faded black shirt, buttons opened till his xiphisternum. 

Rugged black jeans accompanied with black boots.

Fingers engaged with silver rings.

Am I fading away at this moment?

I never felt so weak in my knees just by one look.

Some alien feelings attacked me with foreign emotions,

Just as I felt I will explode I heard a very shrill faint voice shouting “Adam”.

I want to calm myself with a lie that my peripheral vision is betraying me as I see a curvy figure approaching towards the fine Porsche.

It was a blonde girl boldly dressed in a skimpy gold dress and golden pumps.

As soon as she came near the curly headed, she threw herself on him and tried to kiss him. I could clearly see that he dodged it cleanly. 

Those foreign emotions and alien feelings were replaced with something even I did not want to face.

I was all prepared to slide myself out from there and turn around. I swiftly turned but I could feel a glare piercing through me. 

There was a part of me that wanted to crash my body on bed but that other part won and I turned around just to see him gazing at me. 

I still remember, the last time our eyes had an encounter, for some odd reason I could see victory in his eyes.

I was so lost that I did not realise how THE ENCHANTED NIGHT passed. 

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