By- Ananya singh
~I write what I feel in silence ∆

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Ananya singh




There was a materialists poor man who once went to a sage ,some say , he was BUDDA and asked him “ why I am so poor ”

The sage replied “Perhaps you don’t follow generosity or perhaps you don’t follow charity”.

The man was astonished “ Charity, how can I offer someone when I don’t have anything”

The sage replied “ you have the most five amazing treasures that resides within you and are enough to make you rich”

The man was again surprised “ TREASURES”

The sage replied “ yes, the five treasures are your smile, heart ,

eyes, tongue and body . Through your smile , you can ease someone’s tough times , give gratitude and can spread kindness .

Through your pure heart , you can spread positivity , purity and generosity.

Through your eyes, you can learn to look the world with the lens of beauty , purity and freshness.

Through your tongue , you can spread words which are motivating , encouraging and uplifting to the lives of many people.

Through your body you can do great deeds and can cherish and embrace the lives of many.”

I was really moved by this anecdote , I heard from a very prominent motivational speaker. It’s true that we live in a highly materialistic and goals obsessed world and we tend to forego the five most important treasures ! Don’t you

I know the life of a man demands real needs but can’t we make the world a more happy place by paying attention to the worlds of CHARITY and GENEROSITY and how can it change the meanings of our life .

We can make our lifestyle even more rich by cherishing every moment in our life’s with whatever we have , whatever our capacities are , but to spread charity in the form of kindness and generosity.

So are you ready to experience the path to be truly rich .

so yeah , Inspite of having the correct resources , we still have the capability to make the world a better place than what it is now .

"experience being truly rich” and then explore the treasure within.

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