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The Future of Artificial Intelligence in India.

Hello, My Lovely Readers,

As we all know that how a deadly, dangerous, and life-taking virus Covid-19 has caused a lot of economic damage to our country, and it would not be wrong to say that we have to pay a huge penalty for the year 2020 for the next few years, but even in the situation of this pandemic, if the work of huge organizations and multinational companies has been going on from home, then its credit goes to the Artificial Intelligence only.

In simple words, Artificial Intelligence is an important part of computer science in which a computer, a robot, or a machine is operated and controlled by another system in a way as if it is a human being. And so, when a system or computer understands and guides the instructions or command to another machine just like a human being, then we call it Artificial Intelligence. (AI)

Nowadays people are obliviously using AI on regular basis, the following are some examples for better understanding:

  1. Today we can easily go to any new place, city, or anywhere we want with the help of Google Maps without even depending on anyone.
  2. To make the security of place or thing more secure, Face Detection or Face Recognization (a major part of AI) can be used.
  3. With the help of AutoCorrect and Text Editors, anything typed or punctuated the wrong can gets automatically correct without any hassle.
  4. With the help of e-payments, there is no need to depend on and involve a third party to trade something.
  5. And the biggest and famous example of Artificial Intelligence is Social Media, and I don't think that I need to explain more about this example in detail as it is a vast topic of discussion in itself.

So, this was a matter of common people using Artificial Intelligence, but do you know how our Government uses AI?

The best and the easy to understand use of AI from the perspective of the Government is Chatbots and Virtual Assistants, with the help of which, people can easily put up and clear their queries from the members selected by the Government. Through this, people can also give their valuable opinions about the decisions, policies, and schemes made by the Government. Also, the Government gets clarity about which scheme is beneficial for the public or which policy is according to their interest. In some particular or specific areas, the Government can ask for feedback by making the public fill some online questionnaire which will eventually help the country to go with the flow. In short, Artificial Intelligence gives the opportunity of a convenient interaction to both- public and government.

Now, the biggest and the most important question arises- IS OUR COUNTRY COMPLETELY READY TO ADOPT ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE? Even if we adopt AI fully, what will be the future of this technology in India? And in which areas can AI be used for the salvation of the country?

Well, India is a country having a large population with the largest number of young people and nowadays(from the last decade) everyone- from a child to an adult, is very keen to know, read and apply every kind of technology. In a country like India where there is no shortage of young, willing, and capable people, it is absolutely right to say that India is ready for Artificial Intelligence.

The Indian Non-Government Trade Association- The National Association of Software and Service Companies(NASSCOM) have recently announced through their report that Artificial Intelligence can contribute around $450-500 billion to India's GDP by the year 2025 which will surely bring huge profits to our country's economic situation.

Let's talk about the important sectors where Artificial Intelligence can be used effectively and efficiently-


Today, the world is going on progress and undoubtedly technology has contributed more than 90% to make this progress successful. So if the AI is launched in schools and colleges as the main subject, then the students will not have to go to expensive institutes and abroad to learn Ai, and they can contribute significantly to the country's progress by staying here.


As we all know that life-taking diseases like Cancer, AIDS, Tuberculosis and Covid-19, etc has severely hit our country also and despite having one of the best medical facilities in the world, people still prefer to visit America or any other foreign country for their treatment. This is all about the upper-class or rich people but what about the poor and middle-class? With the help of AI, our country can provide further improvement to the medical and health facilities, so that the people can get their treatment done in India only and the poor people do not face any problem during the treatment and after its completion.


Nowadays, it is becoming a very difficult task for bankers and employees to keep and maintain written records of customers and solving their issues immediately, but with the help of AI, all this work can be easily and comfortably done through e-banking or any other software. And hence the time and security of customers will be secured, also the workload of employees will be reduced to a great extent. Overall, AI can provide immense convenience in the banking and finance sector and can also provide a positive contribution to the financial department of India.


The AI can be used very well and effectively in the improvement and betterment of the deteriorating agricultural condition of our Country. Seeds and fertilizers can be used with the help of advanced machines according to the type of land, it will save them time and money of farmers and the land also doesn't get damaged by the use of new equipment and chemicals again and again.


We all are witness to the fact that today, social media does not work only to find and interact with new people, rather people are running their whole business on it. Children are learning and doing such things on this platform that will help them to earn money and invest wisely in the future. So in such a way, if India will adopt AI for the future then the Youth will be able to study and learn more about new technologies. People will be able to plan their own Business Startup which will surely increase our country's self-reliance.

In conclusion, I would like to say that whatever be the type of technology- whether it is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Coding or Computer Science, if it is used for the benefit of people and society only then it will prove useful for the public and the country as well. There are people of all kinds of mindset in the world, therefore the government needs to make some strict policies before launching any technology in various sectors so that the right person will use the technology of any type for the right purpose.

Thank You!

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