By- Rishabh Chaturvedi
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Rishabh Chaturvedi


The Growing cultural stereotypes in today's world

In today's world there are growing lots of cultural stereotypes, which should be avoided, these stereotypes are a kind of wrong perceptions, judgements about certain things and persons which are actually not true in reality and these things must be avoided, because it deviates a person's mind from the right path, instead of making a person right and open-minded, it makes a person too much narrow minded and judgemental and sometimes extremist too, it makes a person blind in criticising others, even without a reason, Such as according to some people left wing groups, such as communists and Marxists are anti-national but it's not true, they are only the people who have their own ideology, which focuses on the people according to their social and economic level and helps to raise their voice against wrong things, and there is one more fact, that according to some people social working right wing groups such as VHP and RSS are considered to be extremists groups, but it's not true at all, they only use their time in strengthening the base of the nation, and enlightening the spirit of nationalism in the citizens and providing help during calamities, natural disasters, and war like situations such as during the Sino Indian war, most of the state police were sent near the borders, while RSS had taken the responsibility of maintaining the law and order, that is why RSS and VHP are not only national groups, but also Universal groups working for the sake of Mankind.

And not only geopolitically people also make stereotypes in their societies, such as first it was considered, that girls and womens are weak and fragile and they should be teached only home making, instead of pure education, but it's not true, that is why later people changed their mindset, and tried to understand that girls and womens are the backbone of the nation and thus they need to be strengthened and should be praised to study various disciplines and of course it's true that girls and womens are smart and proportional to mens, and you may know that there are always some people in every part of the world, who even without thinking make certain wrong perceptions and judgements, and since it's impossible to stop someone from expressing his or her thoughts, so we should avoid listening such things and should focus on researching and understanding things in a better way.

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