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The Honest season by Kota Neelima | book review📚| No spoilers


2 political rival fighting for power

1 journalist caught in the battle

6 tapes secretly recorded in parliament

1 government with a lot to hide

I recently finished reading this book. It's going 5 star [⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐] read. The honest season is the book that held my attention from the world go. It's was my first time picking up a political thriller .and to be honest it worth a pick .i will explain all the emotions that I had gone through while reading this book 📖 ,but before that lets have a quick discussion about the story.

Plot line :-

Sikandar bansi, an unlikely political hear in Delhi ,secretly records politic and in parliament as they haggle to became cabinet ministers, bag defence contract, dodge criminal charges and collect corporate largesse.

When sikander suddenly disappears, Mira Mouli, a newspaper 📰 journalist with an unusual gift for knowing people's thoughts ,receive the controversial Parliament tapes along with clues to find him .she has to unravel the story only at the cost of her life.

My opinion:-

This is the best book by an Indian author I've read this year, hitherto. I do get intimidated by political fiction and the nitty gritties but Kota Neelima has nailed this one. It is not just a book based on the Indian Parliament, it is much more - there's thrill, a bit of romance, lot of introspection, grit and rain. Yes, rain is a very important protagonist in this novel and it is amazing how the author manages to drench every situation with the beauty of rain. The characters are extremely well etched and the events keep you at the edge of your seat. Totally recommended for everyone, do read and be enriched with a lot of emotions that you might have ignored so far.

I was emotionally drawn towards this book .i literally crying, at the end of the book.. While reading this book I need to take a break because it was too much to take in one go. I reply liked sikandar as the character .

"The engaging and gripping story .will keep you guessing till the end "

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