By- Gargee Sharma
An Eager Beaver!

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Gargee Sharma


The inextricable bond with the universe that saved my life


Coming from a well-to-do family and being a girl who was spoiled by her parents, granting all the luxuries of life, I never really realized how important certain things are in life. An overconfident lad, who thinks too highly about herself. Life was smooth and everything seemed smooth as silk. In a phase of my life, I engaged myself in Nichiren Buddhism, which was about chanting to pull the universal energy into manifesting what one wanted to achieve. Being brutally honest, I engaged myself in this activity only under the notion 'rest of my friends are doing this, I should be doing it too'. I have loved binge eating and all sorts of junk and street food have enticed me into having it for every meal. One fine day, while I was chanting with my community, I asked the universal energy to make me slimmer with the sense of overconfidence, not denying that I was mocking at this universal power by challenging it. So here how it goes... Back in September 2019, I was chanting with my community for the new age campaign, it is exactly then when I mocked at the universal power to accept my challenge of making me lose weight. After a few days, I experienced my health deteriorating and unaware of the consequences I had lost 20 kgs by 12th September.

I had to be hospitalized and started losing hope as the days fostered. As a consequence, the day wasn't far when I was bedridden. Just a day before my birthday, the doctor declared that the problem couldn't be diagnosed, and now the only hope of my life had given up on me. My emotions eventually started to conquer me. In no time, I was filled with anguish, the fear of losing the most precious gift of life – health had taken over me. It was the first time that I

felt hopeless and helpless at the same time. The idea of being hospitalized has always been a nightmare for me, who knew it was going to haunt me for this long. After the doctor had back downed, the only option I was left with was to be on my own. Anxiety and mental disruption started to take a toll on me in this phase. In this tough time of life, it was my Gakkai community and my parents who chanted for me for hours, tirelessly and never gave up on the situation. Undeniably, their prayers did work and I started to grew mentally stable. Physically, however, the situation kept on getting worse. My parents shifted states to get the best treatment and bring me back to life. Fortunately, by the grace of the universal energy, we met a doctor who declared I was suffering from 'ulcerative colitis'. Previously, while I was being treated, the doctors had declared that I was developing the signs of cancer, they fed me with medicines that ruined my body structure and inner immunity had weakened to heights. Thankfully, after shifting states, I met this doctor who diagnosed me rightly. All these months that I have suffered, longing for life within me, eating food became a challenge, every day felt like a struggle within me and for those around me. I haven't realized the importance of life and health before this phase of my life.

Everything was taken for granted, never valued the home-cooked food, was throughout negligent about my parent's efforts in giving me the best of all worlds. However, this phase came as a lesson for me, the biggest lesson. Universal energy might have given me a reality check about my negligent morals, but has simultaneously heard my parents and my Gakkai community who believed they can cure me with this powerful influence.

This inextricable bond with the universe has saved me and I forever owe my life to it. Most importantly, my mother was the one who took care of me like that of a toddler in these tough times. She has been my constant throughout and chanted for me when I couldn’t do it for myself. Her belief in this practice of chanting is the major cause that manifested the hope for a better tomorrow. ‘A mother’s love endures through all’, time and destiny proved it for me and I will be forever grateful to my godly figure – My mother!

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