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The Lies We Told | Review

Hello readers,

All read books according to their tastes and interests. I like books which are mysterious and have a thrill. Therefore, my friend suggested me to read a novel named

"The Lies We Told"

      by Camilla Way

 I read this novel in only 4 days because it is too mysterious and amazing. I enjoyed having a different type of mystery where there were lots of secrets to uncover and that the mystery was more of how it all happened than who did it. 

A split narrative format gives a powerful sense of unfolding mystery and encroaching danger as the action alternates between past and present. 

One element: 

In 2017, Clara's boyfriend Luke got disappeared from his flat. With Luke’s life in the balance, Clara and Luke’s family and best friend struggle to get to the bottom of his disappearance, but they are dealing with too many old secrets and not enough straight answers.

Another element :

 Hannah is the quintessential creepy child in horror narratives. There is one incident her mother remembers that serves as a perfect example. When Hannah was 12 years old, a new neighbour came to the house to introduce herself. When she left, Beth said goodbye to her at the door and turned to find Hannah standing on the stairs, watching them intently. 

Both points of view included periodic flashbacks, really helping flesh out the characters and give them depth. The novel also contains a thriller side by narrating the story of Hannah in it. The novel is very interesting and had a lot of suspense. The novel properly describes that even a single lie can spoil your life. Lies are not forgotten by anybody throughout life while the good things got forgotten by the world. 

Thank you...

I hope you may like it. Please give your valuable feedback in comments.

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