By- Isha Mathur
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Isha Mathur



“Your life only gets better when you do. Work on yourself, and the rest will follow.”

Have you ever thought about what is actually ‘the art of living’ ? The simplest answer to this question is that just by being happy and cheerful, you can complete the cycle of life. But, is it enough to complete the journey? Don’t you long for a peaceful and pleasant living? The answer lies at the moment when we get struck amidst the situation where choosing between how to smile again and how to move ahead becomes difficult. That is the time when the heart frequently asks for serenity, but the mind denies it. That is the peak time when life seems hard to live and we crave the magic to happen.

No doubt, we can create a positive aura of happiness around us, but the truth is that it doesn’t last for a fairly long time. One of the major reasons is the presence of obstacles that hinder our way of achieving happiness every time we search for it around. That’s exactly the point where we need to understand that the gemstone for which we are searching outside, rather lies within us. Yes, finding happiness within ourselves is the key to the art of living a worthy life. The fact of living on this earth, within society, however, forces us to get attracted to the outside world and thus this immense power suppresses our inner happiness. There come phases in life where standing at the crossroads, we are

unable to make the right decisions, and to choose the correct path.  Phases were holding onto something not only brings happiness but also token of regrets in the afterlife. And these crucial phases of life leave us at the bay of unhappiness and regrets.

Robert Williams has rightly said, “You will have bad times, but they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren’t paying attention to.” This is the sheer truth to be accepted. All the things we are going through somehow

make us realize about the arena that apparently needs more of our concern than we are pouring onto it. Taking tough decisions and implementing the same do leads you to sadness and regrets at times. But, it is vital to remember that diamond shines brighter in darkness. All the good or bad experiences you are gaining and the sturdy decisions you

are taking today will surely make you a wise person tomorrow.  

Make yourself a priority above all. Encourage yourself to rise every time you fall. Learn to be your monitor and your mentor when introspection becomes a requisite solution. Learn to celebrate yourself when nobody else does. Most importantly, learn to accept what cannot be changed in the hourglass of life. Very little is needed to lead a happy life, and that little bit ‘omnipotent’ light lies within you. "Go within every day and find the inner strength so that the world will not be able to blow your candle out.” This mantra given by Katherine Dunham is very imperative to learn the true “art of living”.                                                                                                                            

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