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Tanya srivastava


The list of cages | Book review| No spoiler


Trigger warning!!!! Child abuse

Genre :- contemporary

Rating :- 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

A Heartbreaking story !!!!!!

A list of cages is about two boys who find a loving family with each other. Adam has ADHD but is loved by his friends and mom. Julian is a foster kids who lived with Adam when he was younger, but now lives with one of his extended family relative. They both cross paths again at school and orbit each other till one helps the other out and shows him that he deserves happiness.

Adam's friends were all supportive and super nice. Charlie was such a good character too. This book showed three different types of boys, all complete and whole unto themselves.

This book was amazing in a cathartic sense. It showed how people can be guilt tripped into thinking that abuse is part of family and it is what you deserve for being you.

Beware: It has a lot of triggering stuff. Bullying, abuse, emotional trauma and claustrophobia. The abuse part hits you like a freight train and then you can't stop reading till you know how it ends, and whether it'll end well.

I was so attached to Adam character . If i talk about the writing style it was pretty good and fast paste . This book has really strong message to give , specially teenagers . I will agree its a really emotional read , I cried once while reading this book.

Theme :-

It revolved around so many profound themes.

Importance of friendship ; good friends really help you get out of the trauma. They really do.

Loss: it deals the effect of loosing someone around which your life was based ones.

That part is the most touching.

Mental health : The torture, the trauma which a person goes through builds a fear inside him. It shakes him all together.It can never be fully recovered unless you lose the memory of your past.

It was the height of torture.

It felt like as if a knife was placed inside me cutting my heart down. It was so powerful. I mean cannot imagine some one suffering this much. But people do suffer.

People you meet in life , either make your life enjoyable or horrible.

They come in colours. I recommend this book to everyone but I want to make one thing very clear for those who are very sensitive about the following themes to not read it, because it will depress you to the core.

P.S. The starry cover is super pretty

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